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Is Used Body Jewelry Safe If It's Been Autoclaved?


Question: Is Used Body Jewelry Safe If It's Been Autoclaved?
When we go to the dentist or doctor for surgery they use instruments which have been autoclaved. I guess this process completely sterilizes the instruments for another use even though the patient may have had some disease. Why couldn't used body jewelry be purchased and used by someone else if they were autoclaved. If a person has a piercing and stretches they have many pieces which can't be used. These could be autoclaved and sold again. Why would this be a good idea or a bad one.
Answer: Would autoclaved jewelry be clean? Yes. Does that mean it would be a good idea to re-sell? Not necessarily. The problem is that even high quality metals can get tiny nicks and scratches that can harbor bacteria and cause irritations to the person wearing it. If you want to fully inspect every piece of jewelry with a high powered magnifying glass to ensure there are no scratches and thoroughly clean the jewelry in an ultrasonic bath and then autoclave sterilize them, I suppose it would be technically safe to re-sell, but not as new jewelry. It would be necessary to inform your customers that they are buying used jewelry and make sure they are fully aware that there could be associated risks with buying previously worn jewelry. I will say, though, that this practice would be frowned upon by many piercing and jewelry professionals - more as a matter of principle than anything else. But, playing Devil's Advocate I have to admit that I hate to see a perfectly good piece of jewelry go to waste just because someone decided to get something new or stretch to a new size and I can see a potential market for properly sterilized, gently used body jewelry.
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