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Piercing Pictures

If you're looking for a specific kind of piercing, it helps to see photos of several before you decide if it might look good on you. These galleries and photos will help you identify your favorite piercings and decide whether or not it would be an attractive choice for yourself.
  1. Ear Piercing Photos (1)
  2. Facial Piercing Photos (3)
  3. Navel/Belly Button Photos (1)
  4. Nipple Piercing Photos (1)
  5. Oral Piercing Pictures (2)

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Can I Keep My Belly Piercing During Pregnancy
Pregnancy comes with many questions and concerns, the foremost being the health, wellness and development of your baby. In addition, most women wonder how their body changes many affect their appearance, including any tattoos or body modifications that are preexisting, which may include belly piercings.

Ear Piercing Trends
I would like to know what some of the current ear piercing trends are and how to wear them.Is it still OK cool to wear just one earring for example? I am a guy and have been teased by my friends for wearing large diamond earrings, especially in just one ear. I am wondering also if men get their noses pierced? I think it may help offset my larger nose, which I got after being punched in the face by a stranger. I broke my nose and it was all bloody. It is healed now and I like the look of nose rings. Also would it hurt if someone tugged on my nose by accident?

Which Body Piercing Style Fits You?

Mid-life Crisis Tattoo

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