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Can I Keep My Belly Piercing During Pregnancy


Pregnancy comes with many questions and concerns, the foremost being the health, wellness and development of your baby. In addition, most women wonder how their body changes many affect their appearance, including any tattoos or body modifications that are preexisting, which may include belly piercings.

Often expectant moms are reluctant to remove their body jewelry, knowing that body piercings close relatively quickly, and repiercing over scar tissue can be difficult. It's no question why many women  ask, "Can I keep my body piercings during pregnancy?". And the most delightful news to that question is yes, provided your care provider is OK with it, you are realistic about what may happen, and are also open to switching your basic jewelry to either polytetrafluoroethylene jewelry (flexible plastic) or perhaps a piece of fishing line, both which will accomodate your changing weight and shape shifting. You'll also have to be realistic and expect that you may need to remove your navel piercing at one time during your pregnancy.

Concerns of Keeping Belly Piercings During Pregnancy

The largest risk of keeping a navel piercing during pregnancy is infection, as well as tearing a hole in your navel piercing.  As your weight increases, the length of your barbell will be much too short.As your stomach begins to protrude and eventually your navel "pops outward", the diameter of your piercing hole will enlarge, which is basically how infection can occur, as bacterium are free to enter.

So long as you keep an eye on your belly piercing and watch out for the red flags, such as oozing, redness, inflammation and itching, you can keep your belly piercing in place, often through the length of your entire pregnancy.

Even if infection does not occur, a standard belly ring or barbell will not be long enough to be worn with your navel piercing as you experience increased girth. You'll also be "bumping" into things, people, chairs and counter tops, if not by accident. This means your belly piercing can quickly become irritated during pregnancy.

Why Some Doctors Say "NO!"

No matter your intentions, you will have to deal with the concerns and recommendations of your care provider. Remember you have enlisted and entrusted her to provide you the best advice for a healthy pregnancy.

Most every care provider will ask you to remove your belly piercing jewelry prior to delivery, especially if you will be birthing in a conventional birthing facility or hospital. With that said, he may be OK with allowing you to maintain your piercing throughout your pregnancy.

If  at any time you are uncomfortable with the opinion of practices of your care provider, take action and switch if needed and if possible. This does not mean you should ditch a physician that frowns upon your body jewelry, just that you should always feel understood and accepted by your team of care. If you don't see eye to eye and her concerns are not justified,you may feel more comfortable entrusting your health to a different practitioner.

Why Women Keep  Piercings During Pregnancy

As your body changes and you experience a healthy amount of weight gain, many women like to hold on to certain things that help define their persona. A navel piercing can be quite attractive as your baby bump begins to develop, especially if you find suitable jewelry that is adorned with silver charms such as baby bottles, initials, pacifiers, or a stork. You can search for pregnancy friendly jewelry right here.

In addition to pregnancy approved navel jewelry, don't forget to incorporate a Blessingway and celebrate with stomach henna designs. Not only are Blessingways a spiritual event that help prepare the expectant mother for upcoming labor, henna designs look beautiful on a pregnant belly.

May you enjoy the journey into Motherhood with or without your body jewelry!





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