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Body Piercing and Modification

Types of body piercing and modification styles from ear piercing to clit piercing. This category includes articles providing care and placement suggestions to help you plan and care for your body piercing.
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All About Sea Salt Soaks For Body Piercing Care
If you have a new piercing or an older piercing that's experiencing some problems like showing signs of irritation or infection, sea salt soaks can be a great remedy and pain relief. Find out who can benefit from sea salt treatments, when it's best to do them, how it works and how to do a sea salt soak properly.

Nostril Piercings - Guide to Nostril Piercings
Nostril piercings are very simple without much pain. It's the healing time that can be difficult because of all the germs and bacteria that are ever-present in the nose. Find out how to avoid and treat common nose piercing problems.

Private Body Piercings No Secret to Whole Body Imaging Securi…
This controversial new technology in weaponry detection is making many feel violated instead of safe. Find out what Backscatter x-rays are and how even your most private body piercings can't be kept a secret from these high-tech machines.

Micro Dermal Anchors - Surface Piercing and Implant Hybrids
One of the latest trends in body piercing is micro dermal anchors, which is actually a cross between a surface piercing and an implant. Dermal anchoring has been around for quite some time but these smaller, less invasive versions of the original are becoming popular fast. So, of course, I had to go get a couple myself!

My Industrial Piercing Experience
I just got a new piercing - an industial. This was a unique piercing experience in more than one way. In this article, I share my own personal story and thoughts about getting an industrial piercing.

Internally Versus Externally Threaded Body Jewelry
Understanding the difference between internally and externally threaded body jewelry can have an impact on your health. Find out why one is recommended over the other.

All About Body Jewelry Materials
Body jewelry can be and is made of many different raw materials. Some materials are more conducive to healing a new piercing, while others are only recommended for well-established piercings or short-term wear. Its important that you familiarize yourself with the choices you have before you purchase body jewelry, as they are not all alike.

Body Mods In the Workplace - Corporate BS Meets Ignorance and Prejudice
Finding employment when you have piercings or tattoos can be difficult when prejudice is so abundant. Employers have even gone as far as requiring workers to cover up piercings with tacky band aids. How do they justify this, and how can you protect yourself from discrimination?

Q&A About Genital Piercings
A Q&A for intimate body piercings below the belt. Master Piercer and APP President Elayne Angels spills the facts about clit and penis piercings.

Erik the Lizardman Sprague is a professional sideshow freak with a forked...

Nipple Piercing
If you're considering a nipple piercing, you can officially join the ranks of many who have opted for this location for a body piercing.

Nipple Piercing Aftercare
How to properly care for a new nipple body piercing.

Easing Parent Worries
Some tips and advice for raising a drug-free teen in a healthy family home.

Finding a Job When You Have Tattoos, Piercings, and/or Body Modifications
Finding a job in these stressful times is difficult for anyone, but having tattoos and piercings can make it even harder. This article series will give you advice on how to find a job and impress a potential employer, even if you have body modifications.

Interview with CEO of the Chain Gang Body Jewelry

Should You Stretch Your Earlobes?
Lobe stretching, also known as gauging, has become a very popular body modification amongst both women and men. Harkening back to the African tribes, stretching has proven the elasticity of skin. Worn in conjunction with other jewelry pieces, such as a nipple, eyebrow, nose or lip piercing, stretched earlobes help to define personal style. Whether or not you are of tribal descent, gauging has gained social acceptance.

Submit your tattoo and body piercing experience. Email Jodie at tattoo@aboutguide.com.

Clit Piercing Reader Experience

Can I Keep My Belly Piercing During Pregnancy
Pregnancy comes with many questions and concerns, the foremost being the health, wellness and development of your baby. In addition, most women wonder how their body changes many affect their appearance, including any tattoos or body modifications that are preexisting, which may include belly piercings.

Reader Experience: Nipple and Veritcal Hood Piercing

Too Old for a Nose Piercing? (And Other Wedding Rants)
My son is getting married next month into a very conservative family. He has asked me not to wear my nose piercing in wedding pictures.

Which Body Piercing Style Fits You?

Reader Experience: Nipple and Clit Body Piercing
I want to share my experience with anyone thinking about getting their nipples or clit pierced. I had wanted to get wild private piercings for a very long time but never had the guts.

Reader Experience: Nipple and Clit Piercing

Nipple Piercing Bondage Jewelry
It may not be easy to contain yourself when you learn all about nipple bondage jewelry. What began as an erotic and sexually stimulating body piercing has progressed into a fetish amongst many daring adventurous lovers. If you want to add some kink between the sheets, nipple piercing bondage jewelry goes skin deep. Types of Nipple Piercing Bondage Jewelry Things will never get stale when you consider the following nipple bondage jewelry styles to enhance your body piercing.Bear in mind you'll want to be careful purchasing and using any sort of nipple bondage jewelry. Surgical steel and titanium body jewelry are the least likely to cause any irritation or infection.

Which Major Body Modification Would You Consider?

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