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Micro Dermal Anchors - Step by Step Photo Experience


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My New Micro Dermal Anchors
Two new micro dermal anchors

Two completed micro dermal anchor implants

And here they are! As I already mentioned, they bled for a while, so that's why they're still dripping a bit. They also bruised slightly around the gem and the redness from the bruising was still evident 3 days after my piercing, but they looked great. I got several compliments on them and I love how they added to my tattoo.

Update: As I mentioned earlier, I do think that getting these done with a dermal punch would be better than with the needle, even though I know plenty of people who have had them done successfully both ways. Personally, this location and my body has not worked out well for me in the long run and both of them have migrated, one rejected so far and I anticipate losing the second one eventually. I have noticed that I usually manage to do some kind of damage to them during the night when I sleep.

That's one of the risks you take with body piercings; a lot of them migrate and reject and you end up with scarring as a result. To me, that's not a big deal but if it is to you, you might not want to take the chance. But many people have successfully healed these piercings and they really are beautiful. I will try again and I still recommend them.

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