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How Many Tattoos Should I Have?


Question: How Many Tattoos Should I Have?
I would like to know how many tattoos should I have? Should I stop at one or become a full body canvas? How do I decide.
Answer: What a wonderfully important question. Before one starts on a body modification journey, it helps to have some direction as to where you'd like your final art to lead. That does not mean you have to have everything figured out, simply an idea and a blueprint if you will, of what you like, desire, and see fitting into your future physical appearance.

Things to Consider

Altering one's appearance has many effects. First off, you can expect to be viewed differently if you are tattooed. While tattoos and body piercings are becoming much more socially acceptable, extreme modifications such as Erik The Lizardman Sprague or Rico the Zombie, are still considered most unusual. Making this sort of permanent and physical body change has profound effects from the way you are treated by society and even how you may later feel about yourself. If your mind is not sound and at peace, this sort of transformation may be something you regret later. It's always best to be happy and fulfilled and self-accepting prior to making any body change.

So How Many Tattoos?

Practically speaking, the average person could probably afford the cost of one tattoo per month, depending on size. That means within a year you could easily have a dozen or so tattoos, quite the tattoo collection. Even if that's not what you desire. Tattoos are addictive so you want to be careful before embarking on a full body art journey. You may find yourself getting a tattoo just to get one, rather than value the significance or purpose behind it. That is not to say every tattoo has to have a long and winding story, but it does mean having too many could easily become a regret when they are no longer representing who you are.

There is no clear answer as to how many tattoos you should get, but you should be certain to invest the time and the energy in finding a design idea and an artist that you admire. The hands, feet and face are often rejected by artists, so you'll need to find one that works on these placements if you choose any of them.

Also bear in mind the maintenance of your tattoos. Over time, they will fade and also change shape to expand and blur a bit. The more tattoos you have, the more you'll need to touch-up. Of course that is not always necessary, but it does help to preserve the beauty of your body art. Last, ensure you want a certain amount of tattoos. Perhaps your style will change later, and you may no longer feel like expressing things near and dear to you with body art. These are the things that may cause regret down the road if you are not careful in the decision making process.

I Have Too Many Tattoos, Now What?

What happens when you've jumped the gun and now have too many tattoos, or a few you are no longer fond of? Laser tattoo removal is your best option for removing the work entirely, but bare in mind this procedure is not only painful, it's also costly. A better option may be to have an artist cover-up or change a design you no longer appreciate. If possible seek out a good cover-up artist and see if you can transform those three or four small arm tattoos into a detailed and artistic sleeve. Many times less is more, so if you have to modify smaller pieces into one larger one to get the results you want then by all means do it. In the end, how many tattoos you have and their style is purely a reflection of you. With proper consideration and time between each service, you better your chances of having body art you'll be happy with and won't have to hear your parents complain that you "have too many tattoos."

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