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Jewelry Inspired Tattoos

Adorning Pieces for Your Body


Jewelry Inspired Tattoos

Image CC love Maegen@Flickr

Image CC love Maegen@Flickr
Who needs diamonds when you can have a jewelry tattoo?

From classic rosary pieces and cross necklaces to Victorian inspired cameo and portrait designs, jewelry tattoos are a classy choice for the material girl.

Choose a Piece

Much like you would choose a distinct piece of jewelry from your box or from the store window, jewelry tattoos seek admiration. Make sure you love and connect with your piece of jewelry before making it permanent and try it on so to speak.

Get to know common antique jewelry lingo so that you can better plan a lifetime jewelry tattoo. The mine cut and cushion cut as well as Art Nouveau and Art Deco are styles you should become familiar with if planning a historical piece. Visit the library and research antique jewelry styles for accurate depictions.

Jewelry Tattoo Placement

Placement of cameo and other jewelry tattoos is really up to body anatomy and the type of tattoo you're planning. A small intricate tattoo will lose all detail and may become nothing more than a dark blob of ink over time, so go big, as big as you're comfortable, and learn to wear that statement piece or reconsider the tattoo design altogether.

Sara Mae of Southern Hospitality Tattoos located in Round Road, Texas advises a cameo be no smaller 4" in diameter to look its best. Sara Mae is drawn to Victorian inspired art and designs and suggests your artist look at your body and help decide the best place. If you're planning a specific area such as a collarbone tattoo, you'll need to go with the advice of your chosen professional artist.


Look no further than your own skin to find a unique place for a jewelry inspired tattoo. The ankles, neckline and wrist make obvious choices. From full collar necklace tattoos to discreet inside of the wrist tattoos, there's always room for a small piece of bling.

Depending on placement, you can vary jewelry tattoos in scale considerably. For a finger tattoo, a small floral vine may make an ideal exception to a typical wedding ring for a lovers or couple theme tattoo.

On your ankle, a larger area makes way for a string of rosary beads. For something more medieval, consider a slave bracelet that connects from finger to wrist, just don't forget to think about long-term commitment with any form of tattoos, especially hand or face jewelry inspired tattoos.

Connecting with Color

While often the first idea that comes to mind is muted or white tattoo hues, unless you have a fairly light complexion, Southern Hospitality's Sara Mae recommend charcoal, muted pinks or yellows instead.

Bold color combinations also make for unique jewelry tattoos. Consider pairing ruby and black with turquoise or hot pink with black for something feminine and flirty.

Make it Yours

Jewelry tattoos can brim with so many meanings, from birth stones to beloved artwork, displaying color, or limiting color in your jewelry tattoo will help you define your piece.

If you have a piece of heirloom jewelry that has been passed own through the generations, why not turn it into a meaningful piece of body art and wear it daily without risk or losing it? For more meaning, look to your culture. For a Native American spirit, why not wear a dreamcatcher anklet? For the Japanese, surround your cameo with a cherry blossom to signify the fragility of life.

Jewelry tattoos can be large or small, detailed or minimal, significant or just plain pretty. Pick something nice out for yourself, you'll be wearing it forever.

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