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Memorial Mother's Day Old School Mom Tattoo Designs

Mom's Love is Eternal


Memorial Mother's Day Old School Mom Tattoo Designs

image cc (((o.kvlt)))

Image CC (((o.kvlt)))
No matter Mom's opinion on body art, one can bet she'd have no problem if her son tattooed a memorial Mother's Day old school tattoo design in her honor.

This classic tattoo style befits anyone and mom's everywhere love to see their name displayed in a variety of colorful and vivid flower designs.

If you're itching for a new tattoo or can't seem to find permanent inspiration than look no further than Mom.

Old school rose and banner memorial tribute tattoos are colorful, classic and just plain cool.

Get inspired and pay ode to your Mother.

Heart Mom Tattoo

Legend has it an old Irish sailor was the first to have his mother's name tattooed across his chest. With a heart and a sabre and in memory of a drinking song in which he "kissed me darling mother," the sailor left home and started the ever cherished tattoo designs. A heart and mother banner is one of the most popular and well loved old school tribute designs.

Heart and mom tattoos often include banners and swallows. Think of mom's favorite flower or quote and have your artist design something special to incorporate into your design or better yet have mom pick the style and it will be more meaningful.

Mother Earth Tattoos

For the environmentalist, why not pay some respect to Mother Earth and ink a global picture of her beauty anywhere you want to spread the message of appreciation?

Mother Earth tattoo designs add a worldly style to your body canvas and can be large and visually exciting. Add fantastical images or keep the world spinning on its own axis.

Mother and Child Tattoo Ideas

If mom is up for a tattoo, why not celebrate your bond with something meaningful that represents your eternal love? Celtic tattoos, mother and child designs and even small images that when paired together create a whole are a novel idea.

Why not tattoo a caterpillar on one of you with the other wearing a butterfly? Cherry blossoms that unite at the trunk or two halves of a heart that become one or even the simple pairing of the words "True" and "Love" can create an artful body union.

Cameo and Jewelry Designs

For the gals, nobody deserves jewels more than mom. Show your love with a cameo portrait of mom tattooed onto a beautiful strand of pearls or a locket. Jewelry tattoos are a feminine take on body art and are the perfect choice for the gal who can't imagine life without a bit of bling.

Ashes to Ink

On a more sensitive note, ashes of your loved ones can be added to tattoo ink and put right into your skin for the most personal of tattoo designs.

For this unique option, find an artist that can respect and honor your request and by all means keep a bit of the remains at home for assurance.

Honor Mom with a Memory

No matter the memorial Mother's Day tattoo design you choose, make sure you add an element of sentiment to your piece rather than opt for standard tattoo flash.

Perhaps it's moms's favorite flower, her birthstone or a favorite quote. Think back to your childhood and your sweetest thoughts of mom. Now, ink your memory somewhere and she'll be with you forever.

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