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Twilight Vampire Tattoos

Eternal Design Ideas


Twilight Vampire Tattoos

Image Cc Naydeeyah@Flickr

Image CC Naydeeyah@Flickr
You don't have to be a Twi-hard fan to take your love of Gothic romance to the next level; Twilight tattoos and vampire designs are befit for anyone with a darker side.

Gothic, romantic, poetic, and mysterious, these artful designs are tempting enough to make eternal.

  • Book verse
  • Find poetic inspiration and mark your love forever with a romantic quote straight from the Twilight series of books. If you'd rather venture into the world of other famous vampire novels, consider Interview with the Vampire or Dracula.
  • Crests and garland
  • Gothic crests and floral garlands are a royal way to pay ode to your family name or wolf pack. Roses, thorns and shattered glass are romantic yet could also be symbolic of love and pain.
  • Moon
  • Whether full or crescent, a Twilight theme tattoo should be as bright as the moon. Look no further than the book cover or various fan-based Twilight art for ideas and inspirations and have your artist create a special piece befit for your own story. Consider adding a wolf shadow or script for added design elements.
  • Apple
  • It's tempting to take a peek at this tattoo idea. A forbidden fruit can and should be placed anywhere you want something sweet and sinful. Pay tribute to Norse mythology and ink a golden apple or opt for a sumptuous garnet fruit as depicted on the cover of Twilight. Apples signify knowledge and immortality; perfect for the Edward in you.
  • Tribal
  • Celebrate in style of the Quileute wolf pack with tribal tattoos and wild werewolf designs. Native American tattoos such as dream catchers, wolves and symbols such as the Kokopelli depict the Native culture. Have a love of the desert? Add colorful turquoise and orange to your tribal piece for a bold and unique Southwestern-inspired design.

    Love Quotes

    Romantic and poetic love quotes are the most popular way to celebrate the Twilight saga in ink. For the most romantic of hearts, consider scripting any of these popular Twilight saga quotes on your forearm, neck, wrist stomach, ankle, back, or anywhere passion strikes.

  • And so the lion fell in love with the lamb
  • Look after my heart, I left it with you
  • Be safe
  • If I could dream at all, it would be about you
  • I know who I can't live without
  • There are no rules that can bind you when you find your other half
  • Romantic Tattoo Placement

    No matter the sort of Twilight or vampire theme tattoo you ink, you'll need to place it properly for the most dramatic effect. Vampire bites will look best on the nape of the neck or at the wrists. Rosaries, crests, family banners and portrait pieces can take play on your back and along your biceps. For moon tattoos, consider an enchanting place such as the lower hip, back shoulder or breast.

    Focus on Font

    Keep the focus on a Gothic font if you're opting for a vampire-inspired tattoo. Old world calligraphy and black ink will create a dark and alluring mood for old scripted verses.

    Whether you ink your wedding date inside a floral crest or create a canvas of the Cullen heart throb himself, Twilight tattoos and vampire designs are cool enough to last a lifetime.

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