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Flower Tattoos

Petals Bloom with Meaning


"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet." -Shakespeare

Get to know the meaning of many common flower tattoos before depicting their petals on your body forever. Flower tattoos are for sure the most lovely form of body art. Blooming with color, sometimes not, and filled with the promise of scent and beauty, flower tattoos speak to the heart. Listen to what these flowers whisper in the garden for they have many stories to tell.

From that of life with chaos to the innocence of children and the purity of biblical messages, flower tattoos encompass a world of meaning that can bloom for eternity if you so choose. Pick your petals wisely.

1. Rose Tattoos

Close-up of a woman's ankle with a rose tattoo and an ankle bracelet
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Amongst all the other blooms in the garden stands the fairest of them all; the rose. No garden would be as sweet without the class and intrigue of the Rosa. Complete with thorns a rose proves beauty can coexist with pain. From the cheerful yellow blooms to the pink depicting admiration, rose tattoos make beautiful Catholic cross and Jesus tattoos to memorial art ode to Mothers and lovers. The rose says it all with class and color. And the greatest of these is love; which is always red. Consider a wild rose for a gypsy tattoo or an English rose for a Victorian design.

2. Lotus Tattoos

Murking about in the water is a beauty that rivals the rose. Eastern cultures regard the Lotus flower in the same prestige as the fairest flower. Egyptians paid tribute to the blooms that opened in the morning and closed at dusk and the Buddhist honor the Lotus as the petals of enlightenment. Many people seek the Lotus flower after a significant life change as a reminder to bloom unaffected by chaos and always keep their head towards the sun. Om.

3. Lily Tattoos

Image CC rachelkramerbussel@Flickr
She's an exotic one, that Lily . Sometimes the lily can represent its most popular depiction of purity as in the Bible. For those interested in Roman mythology, Juno is said to have created the lily flower and the Milky Way from nursing Hercules. This might make a significant tattoo design for a breastfeeding mother who is proud of her natural role. An orange lily ignites passion on the skin along with yellow, which represents walking on air. What a perfect choice for the adaptable and frolicking Gemini or the Aquarius and Libra zodiac air signs.

4. Daisy Tattoos

Say it with cheer with a daisy tattoo. From daisy chain anklets for the kindred spirit to a simple tattoo, a daisy is the symbol of joy and peace. Adored in medieval times and said to represent children, daisy tattoos make a worthy choice for the youthful and free spirit. A natural fit for the nuturing Cancerian mother, if you like the daisy, you may consider other peace tattoos such as the peace symbol or various feather designs. You're a flower child at heart, go ahead and let your happy self shine for eternity.

5. Cherry Blossom Tattoos

Image Cc Courtesy Mytat_2s @ Flickr
Life is fleeting. Capture its rare, significant meaning and enjoy the beauty of the present. Cherry blossom tattoos are a memorable flower in many cultures. The Chinese associate the blooms with love whereas the Japanese pay it honor for the fragility of its life. From full back tattoo designs to small anklet pieces, men also favor the cherry blossom tattoo and often incorporate it into Buddhist designs to represent wisdom. Why not pair your cherry blossom with an owl instead for something quirky and artistic? How's that for wise?
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