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Anchor tattoos

Tattoos Worth Their Weight


Anchor tattoos

Image CC Superba@Flickr

Image CC Superba@Flickr
Anchor tattoos are worth their weight if you want something that symbolizes stability. The perfect pin-up and old school symbol of crossing the rough seas, today an anchor tattoo can be worn all alone or combined with other styles to create a symbol that strengthens your personal life's journey.

History of Anchor Tattoos

Long before anchor tattoos made way onto the arms of sailors they were worn to depict Christianity in the form of a discreet representation of the cross. If you want a tattoo symbol that reminds you of your faith and commitment to Christianity you may consider an anchor tattoos design in lieu of a traditional cross tattoo.

For those at sea, anchor tattoos came straight from the ships and right onto the biceps of the men who were on them. It has long been a tradition that man did not earn his anchor until he safely crossed the Atlantic Ocean. For sailors and those who live their lives out at sea, an anchor tattoo in a classic old school design captures the history and love of the water.

For stability and relationships, an anchor tattoo can make a wise alternative to a couples or a name tattoo. Why not consider honoring your commitment to one another with a matching pair of anchors to signify a strong foundation instead?

Popular Placement Suggestions

Depending on the type of anchor tattoo you may decide to go small or go with an entire ship design. For a sexy spot for girls, consider an anchor right below the collarbone. For men, strengthen your trunk and consider a lower abdomen anchor tattoo for something daring and a bit different. Men can slso go for a pin-up girl on their arm and have her don the anchor on a playful hat or on her own leg with an anchor tattoo.

More popular placement suggestions for anchor tattoos include arm sleeves, thighs and for something smack in your face, consider the inner forearm. You can even opt for the inside of your wrist for a small anchor tattoo.

Design Ideas

Rather than have your anchor tattoo sink into a boring state, customize it a bit and make it all the more meaningful. Whether it be a quote about being grounded or crossing the seas, a short phrase or an R.I.P for a fallen soldier or brother, or even the initials of your loved one (if you must)...Why not ink their memory on an anchor? After all, hope can float!

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