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Angel Tattoos


A dragon tatoo on a mans back
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An angel might live amongst you. It could be a loved one, or a sense of something watching over you. Some people believe in the ability of communicating with their angels. An angel tattoo can help provide those strong roots of communication when worn as a daily reminder.

Angel tattoos can be collected. If you want to stick with one overall design theme with your body art, angel and wing tattoos are a popular choice for both men and women. They have religious stylings, Gothic or steampunk inspired traits and work well with other fantastical body art pieces. They can be colorful or muted and can take on a somber or peaceful influence. They may also be nothing more than a pair of wings.


Angels take on many different shapes and forms. Some angels are young cherubs, while others have ethereal bodies and a glow. There are also dark angels. Look at the many directions an angel wing tattoo can take.

The Faces of Cherubs

Sweet innocent and full of beauty, angelic cherub tattoos can be worn to honor or bear resemblence to your own children, or to incorporate the soft and loving scene of childhood innocence. When worked into a cameo design, an cherub tattoo can have a Victorian style. Consider adding bows or another frilly detail to make it dainty and ladylike.

For men, a winged cherub angel makes a handsome and tough back piece. Especially in a black and grey portrait style tattoo. You can add masculine details or opt for a Gothic style angel. Dark angels, Grim Reaper, and fallen angel wing tattoos depict a different sort of angelic message.

Verses and Wings

Add verses and Biblical references to your angels to heighten your tattoo's meaning. Script and fancy font tattoos work well on the inner arm, below the neck and on the foot. Adding wings to your verse is a simple way to adorn your message with angelic touches. Wing and verse tattoos can express your favorite quote or positive affirming messages.

Portrait Angel Tattoos

Black and grey portrait tattoos are often the grandest way to honor a child in an angel tattoo design.

For a realistic tattoo, take your time finding a talented and skilled tattoo artist and check out portfolios. Small details are going to be very important so don't be hasty in selecting the right artist for your work.

Portrait tattoos work anywhere but are often placed on the arm, leg, and chest. Back tattoos are also a wonderful place to wear your angel, so make sure they stay there and watch it. Large pieces can incorporate wings and other cherub details amongst other things. You can create an entire angelic scene on your back if you take the time to design the piece carefully and endure the extensive process.

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