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Snake Tattoos

Serpents in History



Are snake tattoos only for the sinful? From Biblical associations to reincarnation and life after death, snakes have many historical myths and legends about them that lure many people to their mysterious beauty.


Snakes and Myths

While there are plenty of sinful and negative meanings conjured up with the image of a snake, there are many positive ones too.

When a snake sheds its skin it goes through a state of transformation that depicts both change and rebirth.

Sacred to many cultures including the Native American Indians, snakes in certain Indian tribes are associated with lightning and are a masculine symbol. Consider a snake combined with a lightning bolt to depict this sort of cultural representation.

The Celts also bestowed some glory upon the snake as the bearer of secret knowledge. Celtic or tribal inspired reptile tattoos can represent wisdom, rebirth and renewal.

Erik "The Lizardman" Sprague tattooed his entire body green and added horn implants above his eyebrows to add a reptilian vibe to his body transformation. He's also very wise. You can read about Erik here.

If you practice yoga, you may find a deep association you never knew you had with the snake.

Kundalini means "coiled" in both Thai and Sanskirt languages. As you awaken the Kundalini force at the base of your spine the goddess or sleeping serpent can help you lean towards enlightenment and a state of meditative bliss.

Snake tattoos are a sexy girls tattoo, especially if you practice any form of belly dancing where you can really show off the slithering movement of the snake and your feminine whiles.

You can also opt for a snake to combine with Sanskrit tattoo designs to create a very meaningful body canvas that represents inner transformation and enlightenment.


The Dark Side of Snakes

Come hither. Snakes are tempting.

It was a snake that tempted Eve to take a bite of the apple in the Garden of Eden and this sinful association will always bring to mind the dark side of their being.

Yet it is not just this Biblical story that warrants a snake's darker presence. They move to the rhythm of nature and that's part of their seductive and suggestive mysterious force. Snakes also partake in their share of dark imagery as well. Living amongst the shadows during the coldest months they slowly make way to the sun in a sleuth coming.

From magic spells to death representations and their fanged merciless fights, a snake can be found slithering in the gardens of both good and evil.


Placement Tips for a Snake Tattoo

Artist selection is important with every tattoo but especially with snake designs due to their fine details. Play an active role in your snake designing process and give the style and placement plenty of thought before seeking the right talented artist.


You'll likely be tempted to wrap your snake somewhere. The bicep and the wrist make likely snake tattoo locations. You can also place your snake on your lower hip for a sexy tattoo that moves with you.

For a masculine and poisonous tattoo inspired design opt for a cobra back piece. For an upper thigh design that's nothing short of tempting why not consider a coiled snake?

For ancient symbolism check out the symbol of the Ouroboros which is the depiction of a snake eating its own tail and forming a complete circle. Circle tattoos are unique on the upper shoulder blades and forearm so consider these unique spots for a different take on a snake tattoo.

To add a verse of wit and well deserved wisdom to your snake piece, consider the following quote:

"Adapt to the pace of nature. Her secret is patience."-Ralph Waldo Emerson

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