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Best Season to Show Off Your New Tattoo

Summer to Winter Ink Tattoo Placement


If you want your tattoos to enhance your favorite dressing season, find out the best time to show off your new tattoo and place it there. You've likely already favored a certain time of year with your wardrobe and already know your best assets. Got legs? Show them. Like to layer up with fashionable knits and draping styles? A neck tattoo is a worthy choice. Go ahead and flaunt your favorite designs with the following suggestions for the best season to show off your new tattoo.

1. Neck Tattoos in the Winter

Courtesy Jo Fleet @ Flickr
Courtesy Jo Fleet @ Flickr
It's winter, draw attention to your neck with a tattoo and a scarf. Neck tattoos are a very sexy choice for a mens tattoo, and the design possibilities are endless. For men, lettering tattoos always look cool. For a sexy girls tattoo, consider a feather placed behind the ear for a surprise tattoo that can be hidden. Neck tattoos can either be covered up easily in the winter with turtlenecks and layers, or shown off when long scarves, layered chains or necklaces and lower necklines are put into play. Some artists will not tattoo the neck or above, and it will play a role in social matters , so keep this all in mind before opting for this tattoo placement.

2. Foot Tattoos in the Summer

Image Love Meagen @ Flickr
Show off your foot tattoo in the summer when open toe sandals and heels are the option. While many artists will not do foot tattoos because of the difficulty in healing them, they are a beautiful spot to wear a tattoo. Design ideas for the foot include rosaries that trickle down the ankle and bear the cross on the top of the foot,bows, flowers and verse tattoos. Stars and water creatures make poular choices, or you can opt for a butterfly or spider insect tattoo.

3. Arm and Wrist Tattoos in the Spring

Image CC Daniela Fernandex @ Flickr
Just as the weather begins to warm, you can start rolling up your cuffs to bare an arm or wrist tattoo. A popular placement for both men and women, lower forearm tattoos are slightly edgier than the bicep. What works best on the forearm? Popular ideas might include a sexy pin-up tattoo, or a mermaid design. For the ladies, consider a jewelry tattoo like a cameo bracelet to add a little Victorian style. Anchors, crosses and ship tattoos make masculine arm and wrist tattoos for men, and are quite fitting during the season of renewal.

4. Back Tattoos in the Summer

Image Cc Courtesy Mytat_2s @ Flickr
Sexy low back tops, tanks, and boat neck blouses can all reveal a back tattoo. While some people opt for just a small random back tattoo, others save this large area as a canvas for a big, prominent piece. Large back tattoo ideas include a mythical Phoenix, Japanese Koi, Chinese or fantastical dragons , memorial pieces, cherry blossoms and name tattoos.

5. Leg Tattoos in the Fall

Image courtesy Felicia@Flickr
While summer certainly makes sense as a season to bare a leg tattoo, consider fall as the season to bare you ink as well. Thigh high stockings, knee high boots and short hemlines make for a sexy invitation to flaunt a garter strap tattoo. When paired with a loose sweater, you ink is cozy and chic. Men can still brave the slow chill with a masculine leg tattoo in a tree design or something fitting for autumn such as leaves or a woodland scene. Celtic tattoos are another favorite for legs, as are dragons, tribal designs and anchors.
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