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Top Pinterest Tattoo Boards

Best Tattoo Boards on Pinterest


Pinterest is a popular place to find inspiration for home, craft, art, style and fashion. But did you know this virtual photo board also has an eclectic selection of tattoo and body art images? Take a look at the best Tattoo boards on Pinterest and be sure to the follow these pinners for fresh tattoo and design suggestions. The following list is subject to change based on the performance of the boards and of course the content being published. Make sure you always pin your favorites or share them with your friends on other media outlets such as Facebook to spread inspiration and enhance growth of the best tattoo boards on Pinterest.

1. Zellain Dystopia

Featured on the Tattoos is chock-full of really cool design ideas. From tribal, geometric to insect tattoo designs, Zellain's eye for art really shows with her tattoo pins. Check her out!

2. Tattoos.Net

Follow Tattoos.Net on Pinterest and you'll see a variety of tattoo boards, from clever and creative designs, women with tattoos, to a few of Kat Von D. very own design. This board was created for tattoo enthusiasts and is a fabulous tattoo pinboard to follow.

3. Free Tattoo Designs

At last count, Free Tattoo Designs on Pinterest had a collection of over 3,000 inspiring tattoo designs and ideas. From butterflies to portraits to girly designs, the possibilities are virtually endless. Be sure to follow!

4. Tattoo World

If you long for a little color, why not stop by Tattoo World on Pinterest for an ample amount of vivid tattoo ideas? Why the collection of images in slowly growing and currently only has about 100 pins, the board is active and the tattoos are pretty sweet. Take a look!

5. Ana S. Miles

Ana's Tattooed Men pin board on Pinterest is nothing short of eye-candy for women, and for men's tattoo ideas. From finding the perfect sexy spot for your next tattoo, to just having new design inspiration, be sure to check out the guys!

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