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French Women Don't Get Tats

Why French Women Don't Have Tattoos


Parisians are known the world over for their effortless beauty and style, and the truth is most French women don't get tats.

Who doesn't ponder Parisian mystique? They don't get fat. They eat pastries and chocolate and indulge in red wine, all while enjoying plenty of midday breaks. Let's talk about Le French lifestyle... French women read books, ditch cars for commuting and instead walk or ride bicycles. Ladies nix the heels and opt for comfortable, sensible and simplistic Repetto ballet flats.

French lassies never leave home without a spritz of their signature parfum. Their makeup is minimal, although most profess love for red lipstick. They have mastered the messy bun and have many pampering and indulgent (at home) beauty routines, most of which they will not share, even with their closest friends. Except for one dirty little secret: French women don't get tats.

Why is that?

French women are actually very conservative. They don't bare much skin and have nailed how to look sexy with the whole "less is more" approach. French girls save their hard earned cash for investment wardrobe pieces. They would rather enjoy fancy dinners and a wear a well cut pair of pants than bare body art, a multitude of body piercings, or a fashionable hair color.

Most French girls let their hair grow long and simply tie it up. They are not overly coifed, nor do they spend their days in salons, getting blowouts, manicures or pedicures. They do not apply layer after layer of cosmetics, rather they slather on the night cream, lip balm and sunblock and opt for preventative and natural beauty.

French women do not go to the gym. Why? Because locker rooms smell of sweat, and they are fileld with people who would rather spend an hour on a machine than take a hike outdoors. French women have other secrets too. Like squats, kegals and sexy lingerie.

It is no wonder that French women have the reputation of being quite perfect, as some of the most beautiful women on the planet hail from the City of Love.

To celebrate their effortless beauty, I have made a list of seven tattoo designs that will strike every Parisian's fancy, should they ever decide to join forces with the other "guilt" nations.



1. Fleur de lis


Depicted as a gilded lily flower, the French Fleur-de-lis may or may not have religious or political associations. At one time it was suggested that the design was symbolic of French heraldry and Christian Kings.

Serving as an emblem on flags, coat of arms, and most notably, Scouting organizations, many Hurricane Katrina victims tattooed the symbol as a memorial piece and a means to "carry on" after the storm.  The Fleur-de-lis is quite noble and deserves prominent placement. Consider your foot, chest, calf. or even hand, should you be bold enough to preserve this historical insignia of royalty.


2. Feathers

Need some space to fly, or are you just trying out your wings? For the fierce and independent Parisian, why not bear a lone feather that makes a solitude statement? For the romantic, add a few verses with the following suggestions: Quotes for Feather Tattoos.


3. Bird cage

What use to be a popular wedding gift during the Victorian era, vintage and flea market inspired metal bird cages became a 17th century home accessory, often adorned with brass, mahogany and porcelain. Birdcage tattoos look adorable on larger areas where you can really show off their gilded details, such as the thigh, shoulder or back.


4. Bicycle

While the history of bicycles is shaky at best, we do know one thing: once the invention of bikes went commercial, French streets were never the same. From the Louison Bobet to the LeJeune, cruising past chateaus is a captivating way to explore both the culture and countryside, and happens to be the means of travel for most Parisians. Place a small bike on your inner wrist or on your leg, and get to pedaling.


5. Script and Verse

Romantic at heart? Ink any of these short and sweet script tattoos for a heartfelt expression.

  • Je t'aime - I love you
  • Le petit prince- Love does not consist in looking at each other, but together in the same direction.
  • C'est la vie- That's life
  • Amour- Love



6. Jewelry

Pearls are a girl's best friend in France. Never leave home without your strand when you bear a pearl jewelry tattoo. Whether resting on your collarbone or designed around your wrist, jewelry tattoos are about as feminine and classy as a tattoo can get.

7. Cupcakes

Pay tribute to French patisseries with a cupcake tattoo that's as sweet as you. New School tattoos often incorporate the happy cupcake in colorful and bubbly designs, but that doesn't mean your tattoo has to be all baked up in a cutesy design. A cupcake can be inked in black and grey too. Show the world your sassier side and add the phrase "Eat Me."


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