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Top 5 Bohemian Inspired Tattoos

Designs to Treasure


The following top 5 bohemian inspired tattoo designs are perfect for your wandering and wild spirit. From feather tattoos to gypsy girls, it's fair to say that not all that wander are lost.

Bohemian, in definition, is an artist or writer who sets about in life following their own course of unconventional living.

Whether you park your gypsy caravan out back, or simply adore the lifestyle and fashion of this unbridled group, a bohemian inspired tattoo is a meaningful choice that depicts change for cause, a spirited lifestyle and vagabond roots.

So long as a compass on your wrist is there to remind you there's no place quite like home, you're bound to feel connected to someplace, even if it's merely where you hang your hat.

1. Peace symbols

Image Courtesy AshleyKayPhotography
Peace must be found within before it can be found anywhere else in the world. Whether you're part of the original 1960's Woodstock era, where peace-loving hippies today proudly share stories of bra-burning, or just a free spirit who wants to promote the sense of inner well-being, a peace tattoo is just that, peaceful.

2. Feather tattoos

Image CC idea ablaze@Flickr
Feather tattoos are yet another whimsical bohemian inspired tattoo design that's sure to sing to your wandering spirit. For the true nature lover, a bird or feather tattoo can represent many different things. An owl, for example, can offer protection in the night sky while an Old School eagle feather can represent bravery and Americana pride; perfect for your peace-loving spirit.

3. Compass tattoo

Image Courtesy KirrilyRobert@Flickr
North, south, east or west, a compass tattoo knows your heart best. Embrace your love of travel and adventure with a design depicting direction. Whether you're pioneering a new life path or simply want to remind yourself there's no place like home, a compass tattoo will keep you from losing your place in this world.

4. Dream catcher

Image Cc Ishawalia@Flickr
Bearing origin from old Native American legend, a dream catcher spins a web for nocturnal peaceful slumber. When hung over the bed, Sacred Hoops, as they are still sometimes called, were believed to trap all bad dreams within their web so that only peaceful dreams could pass through. Dream catchers incorporate feathers and often beads. Think about personalizing these small details to make your tattoo even more dreamy.

5. Gypsy girl

Image Courtesy (((o.kvlt))) @ Flickr
An old school gypsy girl tattoo takes the cake for the top 5 bohemian inspired tattoo designs. Even if you're not connected to an original old school gypsy, you can add symbolic details to your girl to make her all the more significant. From changing her hair color to adding jewels in birthstones and scarves with small zodiac symbols, there's many ways to personalize her so that she feels right at home, and speaks to your gypsy soul.
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