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Top 5 Edgy Tattoo Ideas

Dare to be Different


Birds, bees, flowers and trees; you've seen them all, whether that be in the form of original Old School Sailor Jerry tattoo flash or classic black and grey portrait tattoos.

Tribal, even when in its authentic form, is still not quite as original as you may like it to be thanks to years of barbed wire armbands.

Darn it, if you're going to sucker up and get a tattoo maybe you want it to be edgy? The kind of tattoo where people stop you on the street and say, well never mind, people shouldn't really stop anyone on the street, rather step aside onto the sidewalk safely, and then politely ask and compliment first, before proceeding, once the attention appears appreciated. Even then, proceed with caution.

These top 5 edgy tattoo ideas will leave them wondering why the heck you're so cool, and they're just so...at the tattoo shop copying your design as we speak.

1. Gun slinger

Courtesy Allatoma @ Flickr
Go ahead Miss Fancy, pull up your skirt and let him see a flash of the barrel nested sweetly under the strap of your garter belt. That's right boys, a gal with a gun tattoo is tough and you better think twice before you mess with her heart.

2. Skeleton bones

Image courtesy Colin Singer
Rick Genest, who is also known as Zombie Boy in the fashion and tattoo world, took his body art to the top when Lady Gaga put him front and center in her Born This Way video. Rick is still rocking the runway and fans are scurrying to the shop to ink a little of their insides on the outside. Want to know what's in Rick's head? Read the interview here.

3. Owls

Courtesy Monsieur Gordon
Who gives a hoot what people think of your tattoo anyway? Birds of a feather do not always stick together, and if you're all the wiser you'll start your own tattoo trend with the nocturnal breed who's always thinking. From witches and Harry Potter to legends of protection, mess with the owl and you mess with the dark side.

4. Spiders

Image CC VolaVale@ Flickr
Who doesn't love spiders? They're creepy and crawly, they have 8 legs, they love to hide in inconspicuous places and above all, some can kill you with a single bite. Ink your love for the old Black Widow and you're sure to see a few people scramble. After all, once bitten, twice shy. Right?

5. Beauty mark

image cc lotzmana
That's right ladies, Dita Von Teese did it best. While dating Marilyn Manson she could have inked up her porcelain body to all abandon, but instead she kept it clean and opted only for a single beauty mark tattoo to channel the beauties of a bygone era. How's that for edgy?

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