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Top 5 Tattoo Fails

Think Before You Ink


The following top 5 tattoo fails prove you should really think before you ink a permanent mark on your body. From bad meanings to scratcher skills, the following tattoos are all strange and bad in their own unique way. Before you opt for body art, put a little thought into your tattoo pieces. Don't go to a shop drunk, under the influence, or after a bad break-up just to feed a fix. Remember, tattoos can also be addictive. Once you have one, you'll understand just how easy it is to want another. Tattoos tell a story, and no matter how good or bad, they entice you to turn the page and keep telling it. The following top 5 tattoo fails should have never made it past the rough draft of the design process. Ever. These are just a few small examples of what can happen when you fail to think before you ink. Don't be left with body art that needs to be removed or covered. Be smart and plan your design with diligence and find an artist that can bring a tasteful and well thought design to life. Your body deserves a thoughtful and professional tattoo.

1. Slot Machines

TRF-Mr. Hyde @ Flickr
Inserting a coin into the slot is a golden choice for anyone living La Vida Loca in places like Las Vegas, rolling high and gambling away the nights. If you truly have a gambling spirit, a tattoo of this genre may make sense. There's lots of lucky casino and jackpot themed tattoo designs but this is not one of them.

2. Fashion Brands

Image courtesy Paul H. @ Flickr
Fashion brands are a tattoo don't! If you must wear a logo, then spend your money on the clothing or the bags, not on permanent body art. This Louis Vuitton print, while classic and stately in design, just doesn't work on anything but waterproof canvas.

3. Car Brands

Image Courtesy Daveotter@Flickr
Put it this way, unless you invented the wheel, try not to wear the tattoo. This Honda brand tattoo is old and faded, but still holds some sentimental value, as most Hondas do. Placed in such a prominent area, this tattoo could be worse. It really could. It could be a Pontiac, or a Saturn and the list could go on. Think twice before you get any sort of name tattoo.

4. Name Tattoos

Inage courtesy teamjimmyjoe
Name tattoos are also a bit of a risk, so why keep making them repeatedly multiple times across your body? This guy obviously likes to go by the name Mr. Ice, and he's even bone-chilling ready to prove it to ya. But who cares really? Do you?

5. Face Tattoos

Image courtesy Jennifer Cochren@ Flickr
Let's face it. Nobody really knows what this tattoo is supposed to mean. It looks like maybe this guy is into metaphysical beings, but I'm not so sure. It could be an alien life form, or a simple depiction of the human body in a natural and relaxed state. Either way, he shall live the rest of his life with people squinting, tilting their heads in disbelief with their mouths opened, first in amazement and then in concern, rather than checking out his unique green eyes. Epic fail. Why on earth did this man tattoo this design on his face?

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