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Flash and Art

Flash art divided by subject matter. All images are subject to copyright.Please use tattoo art as inspiration only and add details and special touches to make your own tattoo unique.
  1. Free Tattoo Flash (7)
  2. Tattoo Art Photos (34)

Tattoos Over 40 - First Time Ink Experiences From Mature Adults
The amount of middle-aged and mature adults getting their first tattoos is increasing every day. Here, a few of them share their experiences and pictures of the ink they waited so long for.

Art Fusion Experiment at the 2008 Hell City Tattoo Festival
Photos of the Art Fusion Experiment, a collaborative art project started by Paul Booth. Includes time lapse photos and finished drawings.

Booths, Vendors, Entertainment, Artists and Collectors
Pictures from the main event floors and entertainment at the Hell City Tattoo Festival in Columbus, Ohio (May 2008)

For the Love of a Son - My Sister and Brother (In-Law) Get Their First Tattoos
My sister and brother-in-law get their first tattoos in honor of another life-altering moment - the birth of their son, Gabriel.

Web Application Review - 3D Tattoo Preview by Obsessive Ink
This relatively simple but handy web application allows you to preview a tattoo design on a 3D avatar created in your likeness. My review will tell you the pros and cons of this program.

Profile of Tattoo Artist Sailor Jerry
Profile of old school tattoo legend Sailor Jerry.

How to Discover Talented Tattoo Artists
Tips for Discovering Hidden Talent

Interview with Tattoo Model Sarah Maillet

Reader Question: Will I Regret Tattoo Sleeves?
Hi, I am seriously considering tattoo sleeves. I love the way they look and I have nice arms. I am in my mid-twenties, I am male, and I would opt for Old School Traditional designs. I already have an anchor tattoo and a few stars so I've thought about adding to the design. What other tattoos would fit, and do you think sleeves are a big commitment? I guess I'd just start with one arm and see how it goes. Thoughts? Signed, Sleeveless

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