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Tattoos Over 40 - First Time Ink Experiences From Mature Adults


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Tattoos Over 40 - First Time Ink Experiences From Mature Adults

Tattoo by Various Artists, Primarily Martin - Lucky Stars - San Jose, CA and Shannon - Marks of Art - San Jose, CA

Collector: Linda
I will be turning 63 next month and I got my first tattoo at age 60. It's a flash piece from a popular studio in town and it's above my outside ankle.

Three months later I got a tattoo of my sun sign, Aquarius, on my right inside forearm. Then I had the sun added over the waves. Following that I had 6 stars added, from my wrist to the inside bend of my elbow in basically a shape of S. Then I went to Hawaii on a trip and stopped by the local tattoo studio and added many little cross stars and dots to make it look more ethereal. Then I got swirls added to really make it into an S and pull it together and not look like it was floating. After that I added my moon and rising signs, 5 more stars and another set of swirls.

It has come to be very meaningful to me. I was adopted and the first 6 stars I got tattooed were coincidentally done 2 weeks before I got the phone call that my birth mother had been found. I discovered that my twin sister and I have a half-sister and a half-brother. Our mother is now 87 years old and I have met with her 3 times. Unbelievably, she lives 25 miles from me. The night I made the first call to my birth mother and found out about my siblings, a friend who was here said, "Now I see why you have 6 stars: you, your twin, half-sister, half-brother, birth mother and birth father!" Later, I added 2 special stars for my adoptive mother and father. I am attaching a picture of my tattooed forearm. Hopefully, you can see it well.

The creation on my arm has all been my own doing, a little at a time over a year and a half. It was a real shocker at first to have a not-so-subtle tattoo on a place I would see it everyday (the one on my ankle I can hardly notice) and I was quite self-conscious at first, but now I'm very proud of it (especially since I created the design) and like to show it off.

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