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Tattoos Over 40 - First Time Ink Experiences From Mature Adults


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Tattoos Over 40 - First Time Ink Experiences From Mature Adults

Tattoo by Rich Wren - Mercury Tattoo - Glenside, PA

Collector: Cat
I am a 48 year old woman who was always interested in getting a tattoo, but never had the nerve or knew what I wanted to get permanently inked on my body.

Well, having a teenager daughter gave me the "inspiration" for my very first one at the ripe old age of 45! A very simple tribal sun on my left shoulder blade and I was hooked! My artist, Rich, said to me during our very first session, "You'll be back. I can tell!" Needless to say, he was right! We have just completed the 1st part of my leg "sleeve". This portion consists of beautiful, colorful calla lilies and splashes of water incorporated around 2 existing kanji characters Rich had already done on the outside of my leg. The next section will include a red cardinal. Haven't yet decided whether it will be in flight or resting atop a tree branch. This is also my first color piece. I am a big fan of black and gray, but I do love my colorful flowers!!

I enjoy everything about the tattoo process. I have been told by my artist that no other clients of his are as curious or ask as many questions as I do each and every time we have a session. I enjoy watching him set up for our sessions, prep his tattoo machine and mix his inks, etc, etc, etc!! I think I am becoming a tattoo "groupie"!

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