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Types of Dragon Tattoo Designs for Girls


Yes you can be the girl with the dragon tattoo. Dragon tattoo designs for you are plentiful. There's no need to veer to the dark and gothic side of things just because you appreciate a bit of this endearing yet mythical beast. There are many ways to depict the energy and magnetism of the dragon without venturing into its wrath.

Get inspired by the many ways dragons have found their way into our hearts and find a fiery symbol of devotion.

1. Chinese Zodiac Dragons

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Chinese dragon tattoos are a colorful and likely choice for anyone born under the Year of the Dragon in the Chinese zodiac or those paying tribute to a cultural heritage. Whether gracing your arm in a sleeve or taking full canvas with open wings on your back, a colorful Chinese dragon promises good fortune.

Year of the Dragon tattoos are usually bold, lively and full of excitement, which rings true for the dragon's temperament. Your artist can render their own sketch of a Chinese dragon or you can get inspired by flash art and other art drawings. Consider adding a family crest to the design of your dragon for a noble style.

Most Eastern and Japanese dragon tattoo designs also depict some form of water and air elements; consider it Feng Shui for your tattoo if you will. All forces of nature often unite to create a very visual and dynamic scene. Clouds, water and fire can all be combined in a colorful illusion. Don't be afraid to visit the world of Eastern dragons and their sacred spirits.

2. Colorful Cartoon Dragons

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Call them cute, just don't call them insignificant in the world of girls dragon tattoo designs. Cartoon depictions of the mythical dragon evoke memories of Puff the Magic Dragon, proving to be an endearing ode to childhood and growing up. Whether the fictional Puff stole your heart or you desire a dragon design that's more sweet and less scary, bubbly features, big scales and a happy smile promise to make for a personable companion. Dragons can be incorporated into many tattoo styles and can even take a fairytale approach. Consider using a pastel muted palette to create a more fantastical scene.

Other magical dragon styles may blend storybook illustrations. Seek out an artist who works with a watercolor sort of inspiration and work together on a fantasy dragon piece.

3. Fire-breathing Dragons

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For the wild child, a fire-breathing dragon makes a likely choice. No matter how much fire your dragon flaunts, you can still keep the basis of your dragon design feminine by focusing on color. Purple, dark red and green dragons leave so much visual impact they can become quite ornate and detailed. Add a few sparks and watch your dragon come alive.

While Western dragons most often represent power, pride and wrath, they do not need to stir up violence. A Western fire-breathing dragon may affirm your fearless and confident nature and serve as a reminder that you can defeat anything. If you want an empowering dragon symbol, consider the ancient style of Western Beowulf inspired designs.

4. Tribal Dragon Tattoos for Girls

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For the girl who wants just a plain and gutsy dragon tattoo, why not opt for something tribal? Tribal dragon tattoos usually consist of a simple black outline, perfect for adding into other designs or wrapping into a barbed wire or vine piece later. Tribal dragons can take on many different meanings. Whether it's an ode to your Chinese zodiac or a tribute to your favorite fictional characters, do your history and legend research before you opt for any sort of dragon whether that be tribal or mythical. The more backstory your dragon has, the more life you'll breathe into your tattoo design.

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