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Piercing Pagoda - Body Art Friendly Jobs


What is it:
Piercing Pagoda is a mid-to-high-end jewelry shop which usually occupies a small kiosk in the center aisle of a mall, rather than a physical store. They carry a wide range of jewelry for both men and women with a wide variety that can span anywhere from $25.00 steel dog tag chains to $500.00 gold and diamond bracelets. But they do sell body jewelry as well, and seem to understand the market for body mods, so many of the kiosks have sales reps who are also modified.

*NOTE* I have to add note of caution in regards to Piercing Pagoda. This store is known to offer ear piercing services, which are performed by the store employees and are done via the use of the piercing gun, which is not a safe method for piercing. If you work at a Pagoda kiosk, you may be required to learn and perform gun piercings, which could be a conflict of ethics if you feel as strongly about the piercing gun as I do.

Where is it:
Piercing Pagoda is a large chain, with kiosk stores across the United States and in much of Canada. Use their Store Locator to see if there is one near you.

How to Apply:
Their careers link takes you to the Zale Corp. job search page, so it's possible that the available jobs listed could be for one of the other stores, not necessarily Piercing Pagoda. But there's a resume generator that you can fill out, and an FAQ for more information. Of course, it never hurts to visit the store in person and ask if they're hiring, even if they're not on the job search list. Don't assume there isn't a position available based on the website, which can often be way behind real time.

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