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Featured Artist Profile - Doc - Wolf's Fine Line



May 31, 1967

Started Tattooing in:


How Doc Became Interested in Tattoos and Tattooing:

I got started into tattooing because my co-workers at the chemical plant where I worked pushed me into it. I used to do the characatures when people retired, I did the Christmas card we faxed to our other plants, and I was always drawing. They insisted that I get tattoo equipment, so I decided to give it a try.

Favorite Genre/Style of Tattooing:

I'd love to do semi trucks, cars and other motorized vehicles all day if I could. Not much of a call for that stuff, though. I really enjoy a detailed black and grey piece, and also get quite involved in wildlife tats.

Tattoo Artists that have Inspired Doc Most:

I'd have to say that I am really interested in Guy Atchinson's color work, and Paul Booth's black and grey. But there are so many other talented artists having their work published that I could not list all that have truly inspired me. As I flip through the pages of the newest tattoo magazines, I find many, many pieces that intrigue and interest me. There is a lot of talent coming into this industry, and it's a great thing for tattooing.

Secular Artists that Inspired Doc Most:

I pick up tips and techniques from all artists I come into contact with. Be they from the studio where I work, or from conventions and magazines. If I see a better way to shade a wing, or color a faerie, I will use a part of what I have seen to improve my own work. Inspiration comes from many sources- some even outside of tattooing.

Other Interests/Hobbies:

Cartooning, Drawing, Fishing, Fast Mopars, and riding the old Iron Horse. I don't really have the sort of free time I used to have, because we are getting busier at the studio. There isn't enough time in the day to tattoo all those that want to be inked, and also do the the basic day to day activites like preparing my equipment, and doing all of the custom drawings that are being requested nowadays.

Current Work Location:

I am currently the Manager and Head Artist at Wolf's Fine Line Tattoos - 1117 Plainfield Road Suite 4 - (Pine Tree Plaza) - Joliet, Illinois 60435

Doc's Artwork:

What Doc is all About:

I think I fill a niche spot in the market. I'm not covered with tattoos and piercings, and therefore, when older folks come into the studio, they seem to gravitate to me. I try to keep humble - and just put out clean, sharp looking work for the average "Joe." If someone wants a $1900 color bomb on thier arm, I invite them to see Guy Atchison. If they Want $1500 worth of black and grey, please by all means see Paul Booth. Also, there are a myriad of artists doing the 'new school' type of stuff with the swirling backgrounds. But the majority of folks just want that eagle they saw on the wall. I try to be the guy to give them an award winning eagle at a respectable price. I won't sell them a background. I MAY suggest it, but it's not like I wouldn't do the tat without it.
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