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Cancer the Crab Tattoo Ideas


Cancer the Crab Tattoo Ideas

Image CC VolaVale@Flickr

Image CC VolaVale@Flickr
Loyal to Hera the Greek goddess of women and marriage, Cancer zodiac tattoos can range from the traditional glyph symbol to stargazing pieces of art.

Zodiac tattoos are a good choice if their representation and traits are of value to you. Many people embrace their association to the stars and planets and choose a tattoo symbol that proclaims their astrologocal sign.

The Charming Crab

Those born between June 21st/22nd-July 22nd are Cancers, the fourth sign of the zodiac.

Nurturing, sensitive, imaginative, kind and loyal, Cancer the Crab is a mysterious and moody sign that is connected on an intuitive level, making them companions of great compassion. Getting them out of their shell can prove the most difficult and their dark moods may have you wondering at times whether they seek friendship or solitude.

Rest assured it is only the moon, as the watery sign is controlled by the gravitational pull of their planetary sign and they feel the constant changes pulling them in all sorts of directions. The Cancer sign is both blessed and cursed in which they feel all emotions deeply.

These intense energies make dark moods and emotional outbursts inevitable, but as the moon changes phase the Crab slowly calms and is once again at peace. Cancers are a family-oriented sign, usually sensual and incurable romantics. For these reasons they make some of the best lovers of the zodiac.

Some famous Cancerians include the late Princess Diana, Tom Cruise, Liv Tyler, Sylvester Stallone, Courtney Love, Bill Cosby, Robin Williams, Meryl Streep, Harrison Ford and Tom Hanks.

Cancer Tattoo Ideas

Cancer Glyph The Cancerian crab glyph is often represented with two claws interlacing one another forming a 69 figure. This simple symbol looks well-placed on the inner wrist and works as a timeless unisex tattoo. Zodiac symbol tattoos also work on the bicep and the back of the neck where longer hair can keep ink hidden if need be.

Moon Designs Of course Cancer the Crab should rightfully have a moon tattoo as it is the ruling planet for this moody zodiac sign.

To display Cancer's ever-changing gravitational pull, the moon phases make a unique choice for a tattoo. Add stars and capture a night scene for a more fantastical tattoo design. A full moon can also be a clever choice for the moody Cancer who has a dark side. Or, opt for a simple collarbone tattoo in a crescent shape for a design that is symbolic yet easily disguised.

Sea Inspired Put that crab back in the water! Cancer tattoos can also depict the water element of their zodiac sign. Consider small fluid waves on your foot or anywhere they mimic your body's natural curvature, such as your ribcage.

Cancerian colors are blue and silver so consider using those in a sea or nautical inspired tattoos. Ships, anchors and Old School pin-up girls make likely choices for this creature of the sea.

Star Gazing The Crab's constellation is small, dark and faint, often being called the Dark Star of the zodiac.

Alluding to its high position and faint light by Dante in Paradiso, you can capture the darker side of your personality and have your tattoo artist ink the trail of Praesepe, a cluster of about 50 stars that make up Cancer the Crab exactly 577 light-years away from where you're standing. Then, to capture the romantic and sentimental side of your sign, be sure to include a poetic or inspired verse such as "I love you to the moon and back" amongst your stars.

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