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Pisces Tattoo Ideas

The Fish of the Zodiac


Pisces Tattoo Ideas
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Zodiac tattoos are a novel way to celebrate your place in the constellation based upon your birth date. The twelve astrological symbols of the Zodiac all have unique symbols, traits, elements and temperments associated with their star sign. If you want a personal tattoo with meaning that you're certain will be relevant for a lifetime, a horoscope theme tattoo is a fairly sure bet.

If you fall udner the sun sign of the Pisces, you already know the dual sign of the fishes mean you have lots of internal conflict pulling away at you. From a mass of emotions and a deep desire to retreat, a Pisces needs to be certain before making any bold moves.

Here's a bit more information about your star sign, and how you can symbolically honor the sign of the Pisces.

Pisces the Fish


Between February 18th and March 20th. If you fall on the cusp, you'll need to check the dates yearly.

Pisces the Fish Traits

Compassionate and tender, artsy Pisces people are both watery and intuitive. Pisces are a very calm sign and are often regarded as the keeper of dreams. Sure, Pisces can be wishy-washy. That's why it's very important for a Pisces to give ample thought to any tattoo.

Traditional Pisces Tattoo Ideas

Traditionally, anything with a water theme designs may be enough to represent your nature. Or, you may opt for a fish tattoo to depict your own symbol within the Zodiac. The fish are by far the most popular way to honor your Zodiac tattoo idea, why not opt for the koi if you like a Japanese style tattoo?

Unique Pisces Tattoo Design Ideas

Although water and fish symbols best represent your sign, you can still be creative with a Pisces astrological tattoo. Think of the following ways you can use your sign's elements.

For planetary tattoo designs, consider your ruling planets, which are Neptune and Jupiter. Seasonally, Pisces is on the verge of spring. Any renewal inspired tattoo, such as a cherry blossom, might be a suitable fit.

For a verse tattoo, consider the phrase unique to your sign, "Believe." Your sign also rules the feet. So why not consider a foot tattoo?

You can opt for the traditional dual-facing fish for a Pisces tattoo idea, or use your traits,and go along with the current. Perhaps you'll just decide on a wave tattoo.


Are you a Pisces the fish and in need of a zodiac tattoo design idea? Learn more about your astrological birth sign and how it can translate into a pisces tattoo.

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