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Zodiac Leo the Lion Tattoos


Zodiac Leo the Lion Tattoos

Image courtesy Traci

Image courtesy Traci
Those born July 23rd thru August 22nd are fortunate enough to call themselves Leo the Lion of the zodiac. Representing both bravery and nobleness, the lion is a caring creature that has strong regard for the well-being and protection of others.

All About Leo

While those born under the zodiac sign of Leo the Lion have often been labeled conceited, don't dare mistake their leadership and confidence for bad intentions.

As the king of all beasts, the lion is just a natural ruler. And with that comes the right to bask about in the sun from time to time, dreaming of ways to change the world, while keeping a tight ship on all those around them. Most Leos have a strong inclination for order and will do their best to change whatever they can for the better. Fearless and proud, the lion is a majestic and honorable animal. Not just within the zodiac, but in the wilderness as well.

Leo the Lion Tattoo Ideas

If you're considering a Leo zodiac tattoo idea, your most obvious choice will likely be a lion. But that doesn't mean you can't opt for a small domestic cat instead. Leo has many associations that can really add depth to a tattoo's meaning so don't think you have to go for a large cat to capture your birth sign's meaning.

As the fifth sign of the zodiac, Leo is a fixed fire sign. A flame tattoo is another depiction for Leo. While flames can be paired with a cat, they can also be worn alone with only yourself knowing the deeper meaning. Being that Leo is a summer star sign, a blazing sun tattoo makes yet another unique Leo the Lion tattoo idea.

While you can tattoo a realistic image of a lion, you can also draw inspiration for animated films. For example, why not opt for a tattoo that weaves the story of Disney's The Lion King ? In this style you can express the circle of life and even honor those around you, perhaps with a family tree or name tattoos for parents and children.

No matter what you do with your tattoo design, ensure your lion roars with strong details. For colors, keep your zodiac Leo tattoo majestic and royal. Yellow lion manes mixed with both gold and orange will capture the energy of the powerful beast. With their warm and generous nature, a ruby heart tattoo engulfed in flames can represent your birth sign in a more loving and caring design.

Crown tattoos are another design idea for a Leo the Lion zodiac tattoo. Go ahead and make your cat royal and it will be all the more appealing while symbolizing bravery, strength and power, much like the wild lion.

Placement Ideas

When selecting a tattoo placement, consider the size of your Leo the Lion tattoo. Many people opt for back placement and use the larger canvas for a lion. Others may find just the head of the cat fits nicely on the inner forearm or outer thigh. No matter where you place your Leo the lion tattoo, make sure you can somehow appreciate it. Leos love being in the limelight, but ther truly are their own biggest fans. Keeping your Leo the Lion tattoo within eyesight means you'll be able to share a bit of your beauty with the world.

Phrase and Quote Ideas

If you want to add even more substance to your tattoo design, consider one of the following quotes or phrases for your tattoo that reflect both bravery and courage.

Bravery is the only one who knows you are afraid - Franklin P. Jones

Sometimes the biggest act of courage is a small one - Lauren Raffo

Fear and courage are brothers -Proverb

Courage is fear that has said its prayers - Dorothy Bernard

Have the courage to live - Robert Cody

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