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Tattoos/Body Piercings: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
10 Questions on Nipple Piercings You’ve...
When it comes to body piercings, nipple piercings seem to create the largest amount of questions, especially for women. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about nipple piercings and answers to help you understand them better.
Tattoo Fear Factor: Can You Handle the Pain?
How much does getting a tattoo really hurt? Find out how to put the pain into perspective and overcome needle fear.
6 Super-Important Steps to Caring for Your New...
Proper aftercare of a new tattoo is crucial. Here are detailed instructions for cleaning your tattoo and keeping it healthy during the first two weeks.
Got a New Tattoo? Here's When You Can Go...
After getting a tattoo, how long should you wait before you go swimming? Get the answer here.
The 5 Worst Places to Get Tattooed
While the pain of a tattoo always varies, these rumored 5 spots are where tattoos hurt the most. Heed the advice of those before you and think twice before tattooing these areas if tattoo pain is your top concern.
4 Reasons Why Your Tattoo is Itchy and Bumpy
Help in pinpointing the cause of itchy, bumpy and raised tattoos and how to alleviate the discomfort.
What is the Meaning Behind the Popular Om Tattoo?
What is the popular symbol known as Om (Aum) and what does it mean?
What to Do with a Flaky Tattoo
Why is my tattoo peeling and flaking? Answer to this frequently asked question.
Why Tattoos Are So Expensive
Before you get inked make sure you can afford the cost of a new tattoo. Permanent art should be the absolute best that your money can buy. Don't settle, learn the cost of a tattoo before you end up paying for its removal by sacrificing quality.
The Problem with Body Piercings
Rejection and migration are two common difficulties associated with body piercing. Understand the difference between the two terms, and learn how to prevent or handle a migrating or rejected piercing.
What Do Cherry Blossom Tattoos Mean?
Learn the spiritual and significant meanings behind cherry blossoms before you get inked.
How Much Does a Nipple Piercing Cost?
A brief overview on what you can expect your nipple piercing to cost and a ballpark on the general fees associated with the procedure.
What You Should Ask Yourself Before Getting...
Are you interested in wrist tattoos? Whether it's your first tattoo and you're wondering how painful a wrist tattoo is, or you just need design inspiration, read on!
When Keloids Are a Problem
If you have a growth on or around a new piercing, it's very normal to be concerned. Small or large, growths are not normal although they do occur quite often. Most people automatically assume that their growth is a keloid, but the majority of these cases are not keloids. This article help you tell the difference and determine your next step of action.
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Nipple...
If you're considering a nipple piercing, you can officially join the ranks of many who have opted for this location for a body piercing. The erotic placement of a nipple piercings makes it a ppular body modification for both men and women.
The Meaning of Owl Tattoos
Many people tattoo animals for both their significance and personal meaning. Birds in particular are a wise choice if you want a whimsical design. However, of all the birds in the wild there is only one who is the wisest, and that is the owl. Are you considering an owl tattoo?
What Do Feather Tattoos Mean?
Set adrfit with a tattoo design symbolic of freedom.
Piercing Guns vs. The Needle: Why the Gun...
Professional piercing artists want to see an end to the piercing gun and mall store piercers. Find out why the gun is so dangerous.
What's the Deal With Elephant Tattoos?
Elephants never forget, and their old age gifts them with admirable wisdom. Humans can learn so much about life, solitude and love when studying how this ancient mammal carries their weight no matter how heavy, with such remarkable grace and beauty.
How Weight Gain and Loss Can Affect Your Tattoo
If you lose or gain weight, lift weights or become ill, these bodily changes can affect our tattoos. This article explores the different changes, how they may affect your ink, and what you can do (if anything) to prevent damage and image distortion.
Why You Should Soak Your New Body Piercing in...
If you have a new piercing or an older piercing that's experiencing some problems like showing signs of irritation or infection, sea salt soaks can be a great remedy and pain relief. Find out who can benefit from sea salt treatments, when it's best to do them, how it works and how to do a sea salt soak properly.
How to Take Care of Your New Foot Tattoo
Not all tattoos are created equal, and neither are the methods required to heal them properly. Some demand extra TLC due to size, location, and/or your body’s ability to heal. Foot tattoos are one of the most difficult to heal for some, and others shy away from getting a foot tattoo because they’re afraid it will be a horrible experience. This article will help you overcome those obstacles.
How Long Does A Tattoo Take?
Rather than just wonder how much do tattoos cost, many people aren't quite sure how long a tattoo takes. Here's a brief overview of what to expect while completing your tattoo design.
Why Your New Tattoo Means You Can't Donate Blood
Having a recent tattoo or piercing can affect your ability to donate blood or plasma in some states. If the ability to donate blood or plasma is important, you'll want to consider this before getting tattooed or pierced.
Want to Get Inked? Read This First
If you want to get a tattoo, there are things you need to know first so that you get a clean and safe tattoo. This beginner's guide to getting a tattoo will provide you with the information you need.
What Do Irish Trinity Knot Tattoos Mean?
Find out what the significance of the Irish Trinity Knot (also known as a Triquetra) is and what the symbol means.
Does Ink Mean Unemployment?
There are actually some companies who will happily hire employees who have tattoos, piercings, and other body modifications but it's difficult to find them if you don't know where to look. This is a list of body art friendly companies where you can apply for a job even if you have body modifications. Page 2.
Are "Semipermanent" Tattoos Real?
Despite the rumors that there is a kind of semi-permanent tattoo that only lasts a few months or years, it's nothing more than a scam.
Body Piercings Guide - All About Body Piercings
Body piercing is an ancient practice that is enjoyed by many in modern times. But body piercings aren't simple and can lead to serious health problems if you don't know what you're doing. This guide will tell you what you need to know before getting a piercing.
Where to Put Your New Tattoo
Whether you're deciding on your first or your fifth tattoo, you may be considering your design placement.
What to Expect When Getting a Tattoo
The next step of getting a tattoo is applying a stencil transfer to your skin.
Can You Use Numbing Creams When Getting Tattooed?
Emla Cream and Lidocaine are wonderful products for dealing with medical pain, but do these topical anesthetics have any place in the tattoo industry?
Body Piercing Aftercare - New Piercing Care and...
Instructions on how to care for a new body piercing and remedies to fix some of the most common piercing problems.
What You Need to Know About Penis Tattoos
Are you considering a penis tattoo? This tattoo placement conjures up a variety of thoughts, along with questions. Do you have to be erect for a penis tattoo? What are some design ideas? Never opt for a penis tattoo for your first tattoo, rather build up your pain tolerance and knowledge with these facts.
All About Henna Designs
Celebrate a rite of passage or Blessingway with henna.
Why Tanning Is Bad for Your Tattoo
If you have tattoos you want to keep looking nice, you might want to think twice before you sunbathe or visit the tanning bed. Learn how to achieve your tanning goals and still keep your tattoos safe.
The Right Way to Take Care of a New Tattoo
Why there are so many different forms of aftercare advice and how to know who you should listen to.
Reasons People Get Tattooed
Tattoos are rich in history and there are many reasons people get tattooed. Learn the history and common practices of this body art.
Can Tattoos Really Be Removed?
Tattoo removal is often sought by those who regret their tattoos or have had a severe reaction to the pigment. If you have a tattoo that you wish to have partially or completely removed, you should first consider your options and decide which method might be best for you, and keep in mind that there are also alternatives to removal that are less painful and expensive.
Do Tattoo Artists Deserve Tips?
Maybe you've never thought about handing your tattoo or piercing artist an extra tip, or maybe you have wondered if you should. Learn about appropriate tipping of your artist.
How to Remove a Captive Bead Ring Piercing
Although going to a professional is always the best choice, there comes a time that almost all of us will need to change our own body jewelry. The key is knowing how to do it right so you don't hurt yourself or ruin your jewelry.
The Tattoo Gallery - Tattoo Pictures Divided by...
Tattoo galleries divided by subject and location. Search through the menu to find tattoo designs and ideas.
6 Steps to Landing a Tattoo or Piercing...
Finding a good apprenticeship requires an alert and cunning hunter. Lay your traps, prepare your bait, and ready your weapons for the hunt of a lifetime.
Where on My Body Should I Get My First Tattoo?
If you are planning your first tattoo, you may be wondering where to put it. Here's a brief overview that will help with tattoo placement.
The Meaning Behind Half-Moon Tattoos
Celestial moon tattoos are a magical and enchanting choice for anyone who wants to ink the influences of goddesses and mythology.
When It's Okay to Shave Over Tattoos
Stubble may be itchy and annoying, but it sure beats a wrecked tattoo from premature shaving.
What to Know Before You Pierce Your Brow
Eyebrow piercings are probably the most common among facial piercings. Find out what you should know about eyebrow piercings before you get one.
10 Things You Should Do After a Foot Tattoo
While the aftercare for most new tattoos is pretty standard, since getting my feet tattooed it has become apparent to me that foot tattoo care does warrant its own special set of instructions and tips.
Tattoo Pain: Does Outlining or Shading Hurt More?
Tattoo pain is a large concern for beginners, who want to know if outlining or shading causes more pain. Find out what others have said about comparing the pain.
Why Tattoo Artists Won't Ink Hands or Feet
Many studios have policies against doing tattoos on the hands, feet or face. Some artists feel strongly enough about it to turn down potential business by refusing to do this type of tattoo. But what is the big deal?
Curious How Dermal Anchors Are Done? See the 8...
One of the latest trends in body piercing is micro dermal anchors, which is actually a cross between a surface piercing and an implant. Dermal anchoring has been around for quite some time but these smaller, less invasive versions of the original are becoming popular fast. So, of course, I had to go get a couple myself! Page 4.
Everything You Need to Know About Getting Inked
Answers to the most commonly asked questions about getting a tattoo - are they safe? does it hurt? can you use numbing cream? how much does it cost? can you tan? can you shave? and much more.
Tattoo and Piercing Friendly Jobs and Career...
There are several career fields that typically focus on the person's ability rather than their outer appearance, so this list is for you if you're looking for a job and are having a tough time due to tattoos, piercings, dreadlocks, facial hair or other physical obstacles.
How To Become a Successful Tattoo Artist
If you want to become a tattoo artist, there's a little more to it than just learning how to operate a tattoo machine. These quick tips will get you started in the right direction to becoming a professional and successful tattoo artist.
5 Sexy Tattoo Spots for Men
Sexy tattoo placement suggestions for men.
Guide to Nipple Piercings
This guide informs readers about nipple piercings for both men and women. It discusses pain, aftercare, and healing difficulties. Jewelry recommendations and answers to many common questions about nipple piercings are provided as well.
5 Types of Tattooing Techniques
Discover a few different types of tattoo art styles before getting inked. With some self-exploration you can decide between an old school tattoo, Asian, biomechanical or fine line black and grey portrait tattoo.
How to Get Rid of Piercing Bumps
Piercing Bumps, If you have a bump or sore around your piercing, it is more than likely not a keloid and it is easily removable. Find out what it could be and how to get rid of it.
Are Scabbed Tattoos Normal?
Is a scabbing tattoo normal? Is it safe to pick a scab? I don't know why we feel this uncontrollable urge to dig at our scabs, even if it causes pain or bleeding, but it seems to be something ingrained in our psyche.
How to Design Your Own Tattoo
How to Design Your Own Tattoo. Tattoos / Body Piercings.
Female Genital Piercings Guide
Your personal guide to female genital piercings along with their risks and limitations.
25 Questions on Tattoos and Piercings...
There are some questions about getting a tattoo or piercing that are difficult, even embarrassing, to ask. Here the questions have been asked for you, and the answers are provided.
What Tattoo Should You Get?
Choosing what to get for your tattoo, and where to put it
Beginner's Guide to Getting Inked
Where to start and what to do about getting your first tattoo. Answers to commonly asked questions, and lifesaving information you didn't even know you needed.
The Sexiest Tattoo Spots for Women
Tattoos take on a boudoir style in peek-a-boo placement.
Real Reader Stories: Female Nipple Piercings
I got my nipples pierced in 1999, and this is my experience. Read my story of how I got them, wore them, enjoyed them and removed them (and why).
What Are Frenulum Piercings?
Frenulum piercings refer to three possible oral piercings - this page provides information about the upper lip frenulum piercings known as a Smiley or Scrumper.
Guide To Microdermal Piercings
Microdermals are the newest and most popular form of dermal piercing. Learn about several different styles of dermal implant surface piercings, including how they are inserted, what kind of jewelry is used, aftercare and expected healing times.
Are the Rumors True about Women and Lower Back...
Is it true that women who have tattoos on their lower backs are sexually promiscuous? This article explores the widespread claims that there is a scientific correlation between lumbar tattoos and immoral behavior in women.
Tips for Finding the Right Tattoo Artists
How to choose the right studio and artist for your new tattoo.
Can People With Tattoos Get MRI Scans?
Many people with tattoos will eventually face the need of an MRI scan for some sort of medical diagnosis. I get a lot of emails from concerned adults who wonder if their tattoos may interfere with their ability to get an MRI. After much research and discussing this issue with several tattoo artists, MRI patients and an MRI technician, it is time to lay this question to rest.
Guide to Rook Piercings
Rook piercings are one of many different ear cartilage piercings. See how the rook differs from others, which can help you decide which piercing is best for you.
Aftercare Tips for Female Genital Piercings
Your guide to cleaning and caring for your new female genital piercing.
Real Stories: Foot Tattoo Experience
After having my foot tattooed for the first time a few days ago, I have a whole new appreciation for foot ink. Read about my experience and consider this thought - are body art enthusiasts masochistic because they go back for more ink, knowing it's going to hurt? This article explores foot tattoos, pain issues and mental stability.
About Tattoo Sleeves
Tattoo sleeves are a popular design idea for both men and women. Learn all about arm tattoos and decide if a full sleeve is right for you.
Piercing Healing, What is the Crusty Stuff...
Piercing Healing, Explanation of the yellow ooze that leaks from piercings and dries hard.
All About Snake Bite Piercings
Snake bite piercings are one of several different lip piercing styles. Learn about snake bites and how to care for them properly.
6 Things to Consider Before Getting Your First...
From healing your first tattoo to how much do tattoos cost, this first time tattoo FAQ answers many questions for those considering their first body art piece.
Ideas for Small Tattoos with Meaning
From hearts and crowns to small zodiac designs, there are plenty of small symbol tattoos with meaning.
Lip Labret Piercing FAQ
Learn the facts about lip and labret body piercings, including stretching, jewelry and pain advice.
What to Ask When You’re Getting Your...
Detailed information on how to get a safe tattoo, including a safety checklist to follow.
Will A Healing Tattoo Leak Fluid?
Tattoo FAQ: Will a healing tattoo leak clear pus, if it is infected? Know what the warning signs of true infection are and what symptoms are not cause for concern.
About the "Christina" Genital Piercing
Information guide to the female genital piercing called the Christina. This will tell you what it is, who can get it, what kind of jewelry is required and how long it takes to heal.
How to Pick a Meaningful Inner Wrist Tattoo
From hearts and crowns to small zodiac designs, there are plenty of small symbol tattoos with meaning.
Guide to Industrial Piercings
Industrial piercings are really just two helix piercings connected with one extra long barbell, but it has to be done in a very specific way or the rod could permanently damage your ear cartilage. Find out why you can't just slide a barbell through two pre-existing piercing holes.
All About Lip Piercings
Standard lip piercings are pretty simple. It can be a single piercing or multiple piercings - there are no rules. But there are some things you need to know before deciding to get a lip piercing so that you don't ruin your teeth and gums.
Top 10 Reasons Not to Get Tattooed
As an avid fan of body art, why would I discourage anyone from getting a tattoo? Well, there are some circumstances under which a person really shouldn't get tattooed - at least not yet - and here's the top list of those reasons you should probably wait.
Foo Dog Tattoos and Symbolism
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Always depicted
It's Not Just a Cool Design: The History of the...
The sugar skull is a popular icon in the tattoo culture, but it comes from an ancient Mexican holiday known as Dia de los Muertos or the Day of the Dead. Learn the significance of the sugar skull as part of this celebration and how it is used in modern times. Page 2.
Tattoo and Pain Coping Advice
Advice and tips for dealing with discomfort during the tattoo process.
How Do I Choose a Meaningful Tattoo?
A tattoo has plenty of personal significance. How do you plan a meaningful tattoo? Follow these tattoo design ideas and tips.
Guide to Nostril Piercings
Nostril piercings are very simple without much pain. It's the healing time that can be difficult because of all the germs and bacteria that are ever-present in the nose. Find out how to avoid and treat common nose piercing problems.
Mermaid Tattoos: The Legends and Myths
Learn the top five history and legends of mermaids before you ink a mermaid tattoo.
All About Septum Piercings
Septum piercings go through the center vertical wall of the nose. Find out how to get a safe septum piercing and how to care for it and avoid problems.
Beginner's Guide to Belly Button Piercings
Learn about belly button piercings and get your questions answered about pain, healing, and jewelry options.
Do Body Piercings Set Off Metal Detectors?
Coming across a security metal detector can be ominous if you have piercings you don't want anyone else to know about. What are the chances your piercing will set off the alarm?
4 Types of Mouth Piercings
This menu page leads you to detailed reference pages about the most common oral piercings (tongue, tongue web, smiley and frowny).
MRSA and Tattoos - What are the Risks?
When you go to get a tattoo (or piercing) are you at risk for the deadly superbug? Get the facts and know how to protect yourself.
Hand Tattoo Tips
Are you considering a hand tattoo?
Nipple Piercing Facts and Care
Common facts and how to properly care for a new nipple body piercing.
Celebrate Our Planet with a Tattoo
You can pay ode to the world with an Earth Day inspired tattoo. Whether you want to show some love for your planet with a peace dove tattoo or ink for environmental causes or awareness, the following design ideas can all pay respect to the universe. From a happy and spirited circle of sunflowers to a feather tattoo, all of these tattoo inspirations honor Mother Earth.
What You Need to Know About a Vertical Clitoral...
A guide to vertical clitoral hood piercings. This page will explain what it is, what kind of jewelry is required and how long you can expect it to take to heal.
Tattoo Gallery - miscellaneous designs and...
Some of the most beautiful and unique tattoos don't fit into normal categories. The miscellaneous category is for those such tattoos.
Piercing Guide - Surface Piercings - Sternum/Cl...
Sternum piercings, also called cleavage piercings because of their location, are highly subject to migration and rejection. Learn about how to give your sternum piercing the best chance at successful healing.
Tattoo Slang Decoded
Ever wonder what those funny slang terms you hear in a tattoo shop mean?
What to Do With Infected Piercings
If you have an infected piercing, should you remove the jewelry? Mild infections can be treated easily enough at home. If it's just a little irritated, slightly red or warm, you can try a few things to clear it up on your own:
What You Should Know About These 6 Popular...
Overview of various body modification piercing styles.
Prince Albert Piercing for Men
Description of the male Prince Albert piercing.
Is Black Henna Dangerous?
Henna is a natural substance that, when applied to the skin as a paste, leaves behind a beautiful brownish-colored stain that wears away after a couple of weeks. But black henna is much different and can be extremely dangerous. Find out why.
Guys: What You Should Know Before Getting a...
Your personal guide to male genital piercings. This guide will explain the differences between the many male piercings available, which are the most common, who is suited for them and what the recommended starter jewelry is.
Guide to Philtrum Medusa Piercings
Medusa piercings are one of several possible piercings of the upper lip. Find out how it differs from other lip piercings and what you should know about them before getting one.
Is Plastic Wrap Safe for New Tattoos?
Peggy Sucher, a member of the A.P.T. - Alliance of Professional Tattooists - guest wrote this very important safety advisory about the use of plastic wrap on new tattoos. Find out how it got started, why this is such a dangerous practice and why you, as a client or artist, should demand better.
7 Types of Tattoo Styles
From American Traditional to Bio-Mechanical and New School tattoos, there are plenty of tattoo art styles from which to inspire.
5 Wrist Tattoo Design Ideas
Wrist tattoos are popular for good reason, they add a major dose of personality yet can mostly be covered up, offering the sometimes best of both worlds. Ideas for wrist tattoos include crosses, compasses and affirmations. Take a look at 5 cool wrist tattoo designs.
What Does it Mean When a Dandelion Tattoo Turns...
Blow the thistles of your dreams into the universe, and watch as a feather then takes flight and turns into a flock of birds. Does this mean your wishes will come true? Perhaps! You can dream.
All About Daith Piercings
Daith piercings are on the cartilage of the ear and easily confused with other cartilage piercings. Learn about the rook and how it compares to other ear piercings.
Tongue Piercing Tips
The following tongue piercing tips can help you decide whether you want a pierced tongue and help you care for it after the procedure.
Do Body Piercings Affect Sex?
There seems to be some confusion about just how much a piercing can actually enhance the sexual experience. Part 1 of this mini-series addresses female genital piercings and how they may or may not affect sexual stimulation.
Guide to Labret Piercings
Labret piercings are one of the most popular facial piercings, but also can cause a lot of problems to your teeth and gums if it's not done right or you don't know the warning signs.
Can I Go in the Sauna with a New Tattoo?
Lucky are you if you have both a new tattoo, and a sauna to let out some steam. Saunas are a relaxing way to detoxify the body and purify the pores, but one thing is inevitable. You will sweat and that's the whole point. If you're wondering whether or not you can bask in the dry heat of the sauna, read on.
What Should You Expect During Your Tragus...
Tragus piercings are very attractive, but a lot of people feel that they're very painful since the cartilage is so thick. Find out how much it hurts and many other important facts about tragus piercings.
When Is the Best Time of Year to Get Tattooed?
Find out when the best time of the year to get tattooed is and why. Most people think it's during the summertime, but this is not true.
Should I Shave My Arms to Show Off My Tattoo...
So long as you have an understanding that your body art will fade over time, and that body hair will hinder the brightness and visibility of your tattoo and its small details, you can make educated choices in both tattoo placement and tattoo aftercare and protection.
Guide to Conch Piercings
Conch piercings are located on the back wall of the ear cartilage. Since cartilage piercings require special care to avoid serious problems, you should learn all you can about them before you decide to get one.
Materials Used to Make Body Jewelry
Body jewelry can be and is made of many different raw materials. Some materials are more conducive to healing a new piercing, while others are only recommended for well-established piercings or short-term wear. It’s important that you familiarize yourself with the choices you have before you purchase body jewelry, as they are not all alike.
Frenulum Piercings - Guide to Frowny Frenulum...
Frenulum piercings refer to three possible oral piercings - this page provides information about the lower lip frenulum piercings known as a Frowny.
Guide to Tongue Piercings
Tongue piercings are very popular, but can cause a lot of problems if you're not well-informed before you get one. Find out what you need to know before getting a tongue piercing.
Reader Stories: Intimate Body Piercings
Staci tells what it was like to get her nipple and clit hood pierced all in one day.
Can You Pierce Your Cheeks?
Cheek piercings create the illusion of dimples on the face of the one who wears them, but they can be problematic. Find out how to protect yourself against gum recession and infection.
It May Have Been Named for the Famed Beauty,...
Monroe piercings actually have several names; they are also sometimes referred to as a Chrome Crawford, Madonna, or Beauty Mark, but they are all essentially the same piercing with possible minor differences, which are explained here.
Where Should You Place Your First Tattoo?
There are a few best spots for a first tattoo that can help you appreciate your art at its finest. While designs play an important factor in tattoo placement, nothing should be more important that the overall effect your tattoo has on your body. Use your body art to your advantage and place your tattoo in spot you'll always cherish. Tattoos are said to be addictive, but if you're mindful where you place it you could likely stop at one.
How Long Until My Tattoo Heals?
How long will your new tattoo take to heal, and what sort of aftercare products are you using? This guide will help explain the tattoo healing process and advise you can achieve a beautiful tattoo with individual effort and attention.
What Common Tattoo Designs Really Mean
When looking for a tattoo design, the question of symbolism often comes into play. If you've wondered what the meanings are to many commonly seen designs, you're not alone.
Lost or Swallowed Body Jewelry
Losing or swallowing part or all of a barbell, CBR or other piece of body jewelry is very common but can still result in a moment of panic. Learn ways to save your piercing and find out what to do if you accidentally swallow your jewelry.
Can Stretched Ear Lobes Shrink Back to Normal?
If you've had ear gauges, or stretched a piercing, but want it to shrink back, there are a few things to consider to figure out whether or not that is possible.
Ring Finger Tattoos
Wedding ring finger tattoos are a popular and permanent token of love
How to Take Care of Your New Tattoo
Tattoo aftercare tips and advice.
Tattooing Over Scars
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Although some
The Difference Between Internal and External...
Understanding the difference between internally and externally threaded body jewelry can have an impact on your health. Find out why one is recommended over the other.
Viking and Rune Casting Tattoos
Often used on the path of self-knowledge and wisdom, Rune-Magick or Nordic symbols can make a soulful design if you're seeking a small and symbolic Viking tattoo which symbolizes the heathen Germanic religion. The Runes are a magickal system widely used across Northern Europe and within Norse mythology. There are a total of twenty-four runes that compose the medieval Elder Futhark alphabet, each with several different meanings used in both divination and magickal spells. The following Rune symbols can be further researched for their associate
Sexy Tattoos Men Dig on Women
Don't ever get tattooed to attract a man, but if you still plan on it...read these tips on tattoos styles that turn the majority of men on.
How to Design, Draw and Sell Your Tattoo Flash...
This article covers how to go about designing tattoo flash art for sale and how to attract buyers for your art.
How To Choose a Tattoo Design
a simple how to on choosing a design for your new tattoo and where to look for examples and pictures.
What's a Fourchette Piercing?
Your guide to the female genital piercing called the fourchette. This page explains what it is, what kind of jewelry it requires and how long you can expect it to heal.
Is a Tattoo Artist Required to be Certified
Tattoo FAQ Do tattoo artists have to have some kind of special licensing or certification?
Male Genital Piercing Guide: Foreskin
The foreskin piercing, although limited to uncircumsized males, can enhance sexual pleasure. Find out more about this piercing, what kind of jewelry it requires and how long it takes to heal.
Discover the Meaning of the Irish Claddagh
Learn the meaning of the Irish Claddagh and what each part - the crown, the heart, the hands and the circle, each signify.
Helix Piercings - Guide to Helix Piercings
Helix piercings are any type of piercing along the rim of the ear cartilage. Learn about helix piercings and its variations such as the anti-helix and helix orbital.
Guide to Inner Labia Piercings
Information about the female genital piercing called the Inner Labia. Find out what it is, what kind of jewelry it requires and how long it takes to heal.

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