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Bat and Crescent Moon Tattoo

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By Giezelle Ann Tuazon

Bat and Crescent Moon Tattoo

Bat with a Crescent Moon

Bat and Crescent Moon Tattoo

Bat with a Crescent Moon

When I got the tattoo

Jan. 15, 2010

The shop where I got the tattoo

Ink Xposure

The artist who tattooed me

Alex Gayoma

Description of the tattoo/design

Bat with a crescent moon background on my left arm.

The Background Story

Since I was highschool I really wanted to have a tattoo although I heard so many negative stuffs about it.

When I was 19, I had my first permanent tattoo on my left shoulder

They say that it is not common for a girl to have a tattoo there, so what?) by Alex Gayoma of Ink Xposure.

I chose a bat because unlike other winged-animal, bats are the mammal like us, and they are the only mammal that can truly fly. I always want to have an image of a wing for my first tattoo because for me it represents freedom.

Why The Tattoo is So Special

Why my tattoo is so special? because it's my first. lol.

Continuation of the story:

Bats are more sinister compared to doves and butterflies (that women usually have) because they're one of the few animals that represents death along with crows, cats, owls and vultures.

Just like me, bats have a poor eyesight that's why they use their ears to "see" things that our bare eyes couldn't.


  • Know what you really want, you can take advices but the final decision is up to you. It's your body and you will have that forever.
  • Know yourself so that you can decide for the perfect design for you.
  • Choose an appropriate body part to have it.
  • Check out my youtube video when I was, having my tattoos. My Tattoo Story
  • Don't mind the pain. It's all worth it.

Karen L. Hudson, About.com Tattoos/Body Piercings, says:

If you watch Giezelle's YouTube video, I like the very end when she addresses some of the objections people make about tattoos. :)
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