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Life, Love and Loyalty

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By Dee

Life, Love and Loyalty

My Life~Love~Loyalty Tattoo

When I got the tattoo

October, 2010

The shop where I got the tattoo

Tribal Markings, L'Derry, N.I

The artist who tattooed me

The young female tattoo artist - can't remember her name! oops

Description of the tattoo/design


The Background Story

Found this tattoo design 6 years ago, and held on to it until I was sure it was for me, and also to decide the best place to have locate it.

I eventually got it last week, accompanied by my gorgeous hubby of nine years. The meaning is very important to me, and I'm so chuffed with the results. :-D

Why The Tattoo is So Special

Its special because my gorgeous husband of nine years, and childhood sweetheart accompanied me when I got it and it means life, love, and loyalty, so it represents him and our fantastic life together. x

Its on by left hip and the top third can be seen if I'm wearing low-cut jeans, however its easily hidden if I want. I put it here as I don't like getting a tattoo where everyone else has one. I wanted it to be different, special and unique to me


  • Research the design extensively
  • Don't rush in
  • Spend time thinking about where to locate the tattoo- my friend got the barbed wire years ago- when it was all the rage, and dislikes it now when she wears dresses etc. She had to wear a shawl on her wedding day, so think to the future as well as the now.
  • Choose a hygenic and experienced artist
  • Enjoy and be proud of your tattoo and what it represents

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