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Medical Alert Tattoo

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By Tim McAtee

Medical Alert Tattoo

A Tattoo That Can Save My Life

When I got the tattoo

I got the tattoo about two years ago

The shop where I got the tattoo

American Tattoo in Minooka Illinois

The artist who tattooed me


Description of the tattoo/design

This is a medical alert symbol on my left wrist. On the top it shows the Alert symbol and underneath my wrist it lists two medications I am alergic to.

The Background Story

As I was being put under for my fourth sinus surgery I developed an allergy to two of the anesthetics commonly used in anything from surgeries to immediate intubation. I am an electrician. So the day I took my metal alert bracelet off so I could safely work in a 277 volt electrical panel I decided that THAT WAS THE MOST IMPORTANT TIME TO HAVE ONE ON! So I went and explained my situation to Red and he drew me up a bad ass symbol with breaking stone and snakes curling etc. I then talked with several paramedic houses to see if it would work. They loved the idea and promised to pass the idea around!

Why The Tattoo is So Special

This tattoo has the potential to save my life! The drugs I am allergic to are some of the most widely used muscle relaxants for everything including car accidents. I.D. tags get ripped off in car accidents and wallets are seldom recovered...My arm isn't going anywhere! I feel safe and my very first tattoo that I got had a real meaning to it. It took the nervousness out of the experience. It became more of a need.


  • If you're going to get a medical piece, make sure you talk with your local paramedics and firemen just to let them know of the situation. People can only be responsible for their knowledge.
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