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Nipple Piercing Pricing

Nipple piercing pricing varies based on the cost of the piercer and the body jewelry purchased to initiate the piercing. Because of variances, this is a brief overview on what you can expect your nipple piercing to cost and provides merely a ballpark on the general fees associated with the procedure.

Tattoos/Body Piercings Spotlight10

What Hurts the Most-Tattoo Outlining or Shading?

Whether you're considering your first tattoo or adding to an existing design and are wondering how much discomfort you can tolerate, you may be asking what hurts the most- tattoo outlining or shading? Both tattoo outlining and shading are necessary to create most tattoo designs, except for simple script or symbol tattoos.

Music Theme Tattoos

A music tattoo design is the perfect choice for anyone that is musically inclined or who has a passion for music, voice and playing. Let the following music tattoo suggestions play on in your mind until you find one that harmonizes with your body art.

Roman Tattoos

If you're looking for a tattoo that's rich in symbolism and history, why not consider a Roman tattoo? Much like a good, well-planned tattoo, the culture of ancient Rome is rife with elegance, meaning and a timeless, permanent quality. From the centurion soldier's armaments to the diverse pantheon of gods and goddesses to the language and Roman numeral systems, Rome was organized, elegant and classy. Here are some of the ways that you can incorporate some enduring class into your body art.

Butt Tattoos

Hi, Dear Bottoms Up, This is such a curious question. But rest assured you're in good company with a butt tattoo.In fact, some say butt tattoos are quickly becoming a stylish new tattoo trend. Many people remember Cher donning her sexy fishnets onstage with nothing more than a high cut bodysuit, revealing her two cheek, flower butt tattoos. How can Cher be wrong?

Which Major Body Modification Would You Consider?

Ask a hundred people why they want a body modification and you might get a hundred different answers. From spiritual and philosophical reasons, to rites of passage and cultural significance, to the simple, artistic beautification of the body, the reasons are usually meaningful and personal. Much more than a tattoo or a piercing, body modification is a physical alteration to the way a person was born. It requires a great deal of deliberation and commitment to make the decision to alter your body in any of the following ways.

Bird Tattoo Trend

Currently one of the most popular tattoo trends for girls inspired by many celebrities is a small flock of birds tattoo. Often placed on the shoulder blades, chest or on an intimate curve of the back, the designs are dainty and also send the message of freedom and flight. Are you considering a bird tattoo? Let's take a look at the bird tattoo trend, and decide whether or not you're ready to make these feathered designs permanent. Tattoo trends change year after year. Whether influenced by fashion, culture, or even from famous actresses, actors and musicians, one thing is certain- trends also come to an end. Look back in the 1990s when tribal tattoos were inked on nearly every bicep. Today tribal tattooing is much more respected when it's done by an actual tribal member- often using ancient methods such as hand-poking.

Ink Master Season 4 Interview with Kyle Dunbar

Kyle Dunbar, owner of Almighty Tattoo in Flint, Michigan, gets under peoples' skin. Kyle, like a lot of passionate idealists, can be enthusiastic about his beliefs. And one thing he believes in is inking outside of the box. As one of the final four in Season 4 of Ink Master, this self-taught renegade proved that he can ink in all styles. But he dislikes the strict rules of styles, opting to create his own "badass art" free from the shackles of what's been done before. People come from all over for his signature extreme realism. Whether people like him or not, they love his unique creations. Why? Because the dude has talent.

Ink Master Season 4 Interview with Gentle Jay Blondel

"Gentle Jay" Blondel of Alchemy Tattoo Arts in Bellmore, Long Island, New York chose the perfect name for his shop. Alchemy is the art of transforming the mundane into the magical. And Gentle Jay is a true alchemist. The passionate 37 year old contestant on Season 4 of Ink Master gained a lot of fans for being outspoken about his art. He prides himself on his versatility, because his goal is to develop his own style. Gentle Jay is not only an exceptional artist who works in the mediums of ink and skin. He is an alchemist.

Soccer Mom Tattoos

If you haven't heard the term soccer mom you're probably: 1: Past soccer mom age 2: On the field watching your kid play soccer. 3. In a tattoo...

Astrology Tattoos

The best part about astrology tattoos is that you're least likely to regret them. Rather than a name tattoo to symbolize lovers, or a quote or a verse tattoo you may grow tired of, an astrology tattoo will have lifelong sentiment without being obvious what or who it even symbolizes. Should a bad breakup with your lover occur, there's a one out of twelve chance you'll meet another with her sign.If you have children, tattooing their astrology signs on your body means you'll carry a little part of their existence on your body forever, no matter where they are in this universe.

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