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Question of the Week - Genital Piercings for Uncircumcised Males

By January 7, 2007

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Q: Hi, Karen. I am not circumcised and I was thinking about a genital piercing that is going to accommodate that. Any suggestions?

A: Well, there's always the foreskin piercing - something only uncircumcised men can have. Information about that piercing is here: http://tattoo.about.com/cs/beginners/a/blforeskin.htm

Also, most piercings of the glans (head) of the penis can also be pierced, such as an apadravya or prince albert. The foreskin simply needs to be rolled back first and it is important to keep the area extra clean during healing time. More information about genital piercings can be found at http://tattoo.about.com/cs/beginners/a/blmalegenp.htm.

Depending on your particular anatomy, certain piercings may be more favorable than others. It's best for you to visit your piercer and have a consultation about your options.


November 19, 2009 at 6:36 pm
(1) Blain says:

I Have been thinking about getting the Reverse Prince Albert, But I’m not circumcised and I was wondering if there are complications with the piercing and this feature? Is there rubbing problems? Does it tend to get more infected? Is the healing process longer? plz give me as much info as possable ^^ thx!

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