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QOW: Getting a Tattoo During your Menstrual Cycle

By March 11, 2007

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Q: I was thinking about getting my second tattoo on my back and I was wondering if it mattered if I got tattooed during my menstrual cycle?

A: Here's the answer from my "Embarrassing Questions" article:

Can I get a tattoo if I'm on my period?
A tattoo will not affect your period, and being on your period will not affect your tattoo. The only thing you might want to consider is your pain tolerance - if you're already cramping and uncomfortable, you might not want to add the discomfort of a tattoo to that. But there is no reason you can't get a tattoo when you're on your period.


March 12, 2007 at 12:51 am
(1) Raven says:

hey there……i would not get any body modification done during this time frame……as a Goddess worshipper i consider womans Moon Time to be sacred and most holy……it is a time for meditation and journeying inward to your most secret places….it is your own time…..your body is finishing up a most awesome cycle – that of being capable of bringing new life into the world, so i wouldnt sully it with any outer disturbance………but that is just me….i even time my piercings and tats with the whole cycle of the Moon Herself……i find living within the cycle of the Moon most beneficial……it just makes sense and makes life easier to live in accordance with the great Earth Mother and Her sacred Moon……however it is YOUR body and YOUR time so you may do what makes you happy and comfortable……it makes things far easier and uncomplicated when you know your body and what it is capable of and when it is more capable…..sorry to sound so preachy…..haha……much luck with whatever you decide…..

August 20, 2007 at 12:50 pm
(2) Monica says:

I just got some additions and some fill-ins on my large side/rib piece, last night (and had started my cycle yesterday morning, no cramps or period uncomfortable-ness). I felt that I almost couldn’t stand the pain while getting tattooed. I seemed to be much worse than getting the piece done in the first place. I sat for 2.5 hours for the first part and about 3 for the second, and it was pretty much not a problem. Yesterday was a completely different story, I was there for maybe 1 hour and was about to come off of the table. So, I really think that waiting until the cycle week (or few days) is done and then go for it, is a much better idea, just for making the “chance” of it being more painful non-existent.
My two cents…
Happy tattooing!

March 19, 2011 at 9:04 pm
(3) Sarah says:

I have had the same experience as Monica! I’m getting my entire thigh and haunch tattooed by the same artist. I’ve sat for 5.5 hours, 4 hours, and then…on the day my period started…2 hours! I was in agony. I now have over 25 hours of tattooing on my body, and the ones that were done during my period, or the day or two before, were undeniably more painful.

April 14, 2009 at 10:35 pm
(4) kiki says:

I got a tattoo during my period once & it hurt a hundred times more than my others. My artist said yes it was due to my cycle. He has a 1 year waiting list & has had women cancel because their cycle fell on their appt. day.

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