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Female Genital Piercings: Clitoris


NOTE: The following page contains content and material of a sexual nature which may be inappropriate for children and may be offensive to some adults. Please use this page responsibly.

Clitoris Piercing [Picture]

The clitoris is very sensitive, and this is not an advisable piercing for most women. Anatomically, the clitoris has to be large enough to support the body jewelry and avoid being constricted by the clitoral hood tissue. Piercing a clitoris that is too small could result in serious nerve damage as a result of improper placement. The larger percent of the population of women are not suitable for this piercing.

Providing that the clitoris is large enough to be pierced safely, and is exposed (sticks out) rather than hooded (covered over with layer of skin), it can be pierced either vertically or horizontally with a barbell or captive bead ring. Vertical piercing only should be done on a hooded clitoris, to prevent turning of the jewelry, although piercing a hooded clitoris is really not advisable at all. 16 - 14 gauge jewelry is the most commonly used for clitoral piercings.

If you are considering this piercing, it is in your best interests to consider it very thoughtfully. Only take it to a very skilled and experienced piercist, and have them evaluate you first to see if your anatomy is suitable for clitoral piercing. If not, a clitoral hood piercing may be more to your liking and a lot safer.

Estimated healing time: 4-6 weeks



Horizontal Clit Hood

Inner Labia

Outer Labia


Vertical Clit Hood



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