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Dydoe: Genital Piercing for Men


NOTE: The following page contains content and material of a sexual nature which may be inappropriate for children and may be offensive to some adults. Please use this page responsibly.

Male Genital: Dydoe Piercing [Picture]

The Dydoe piercing is preferred by, but not limited to, men who have been circumcised. It is also somewhat anatomy dependent, because the edge of the penis head (glans) must be large enough for the needle and jewelry. The needle is placed through this ridge on either the top or sides of the glans. Speculation has been made that it enhances sexual feeling that is lost due to circumcision. The piercing may be done as a single piercing, but is many times done in pairs or multiples. Some possible complications are slower healing due to a moist environment created by heavy foreskin (on an uncircumcised penis), rejection of the jewelry, or tearing due to rough sexual activity.

Recommended jewelry: 16 to 14 gauge curved barbell.

Expected healing time: 4-6 months

Sexual limitations: One week abstinence, and mild sexual activity afterward. Condom must be used during entire healing process.

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