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Piercings: Nipples
Guide picks
Nipple piercings are of the more sensual body piercings for both men and women. Here is some information and photos of these piercings to help you decide if this might be a good piercing for yourself.

Nipple Piercing Q&A
Some of the more embarassing and common questions about nipple piercings answered. Most are targeted toward women, but some can also apply to men.

Beginner's Guide to Getting a Piercing
What you need to know before getting any kind of piercing.

Male Nipple Piercing Gallery
Pictures of various male nipple piercings.

Piercing Exquisite - Photos
Images of nipple piercings, male and female. May not be appropriate for minors or sensitive viewers.

BME - Photos
Gallery of photos of piercings done specifically on nipples, both male and female. May be sensitive to some viewers.

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