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Featured Artist - Krystof

Feature Artist Gallery Page - Krystof - Pisst Fish



Date of Birth: September, 1970

Began Tattooing: May, 2000

Favorite Style: Depends on the day, I try to be able to do it all so I'm not locked into 1 particular style. There are too many aspects of this field to enjoy...Black and Grey...color...Old School...New School; Some days I just want to make a really sick Kanji. Although many times, customers want something small and basic, and you have to be good at that as well to make the customer happy.

Current Location: 1270 Memorial Ave - West Springfield, MA

Name of Studio: Pisst Fish Tattoo and Piercing Company

Position: Tattoo Artist

Contact Information: (413) 733-7400 or visit Tattoos by Krystof.

From Krystof: "Whether you get a tattoo from me or anyone else, please keep ALOT of things in mind: Don't price shop for tattoos - a good deal can be a colorful scar in the long run (and usually is). Check artist's photo albums to see if they actually know how to tattoo (too many Tattoo Machine Operators out there giving the artists a bad name). Photos should be clear and lines smooth and crisp. Check with your local health department to see what their opinion of the shop is (some shops are not approved by their health department); make sure there is a working autoclave used for sterilization; ask questions BEFORE getting tattooed, and if the artist gives an attitude or seems shady, walk away.

Also, don't go in the shop with an attitude, and obey all rules of the shop. Be respectful to the artist and their staff, and in most cases, the respect will turn around back to you. Think about what you want to have on you for the rest of your life and don't jump into a decision on a spur of the moment situation. Don't get trendy tattoos because trends go away and you'll still have that same tattoo that a whole bunch of other people (some you may not like) have. Last but not least, follow the aftercare that the artist gives you. If you lose the aftercare, call the artist or go back and get another one (don't ask your friends- they'll tell you to do some weird stuff to your new tattoo). We want our work to look great the rest of your life, and if you don't follow your aftercare precisely, it could damage your new tattoo."

Krystof's Artwork That Has Been Submitted To This Site

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