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Sin City Tattoo - Las Vegas, NV

My name is Janine, and I just got my first tattoo one week ago. I went to Las Vegas and visited Sin City Tattoo, Nevada's largest shop. My artist's name was Aaron, and he was great (not to mention cute....). Anyway, my mom was trying to talk me out of it saying, "you know this is going to hurt like hell,....you are going to cry...." etc. She got me really nervous, but Aaron was really gentle and when he started, it didn't even hurt! Now I have a really great and beautiful tat of a butterfly on my shoulder, and I never even flinched. It is healing great!


Greetings all. I have to give mad props to my favorite tattoo artist at Sin City Tattoos here in Las Vegas. His name is Joe, sometimes referred to as "Injun Joe". He is the sweetest, coolest, most gentile, and most talented tattoo artist in the whole world!

Currently I have 6 tattoos (3 of which he did.) Getting tattoos in the past, I realized that they HURT, and that totally turned me away from getting any more (I have a very low pain tolerance), until I met Joe.

One day I mustered up the courage to get another tattoo, so, hearing wonderful things about Sin City Tattoos, I went there and met my Prince of tattooing. Realizing that I was very nervous, he joked with me, and was totally outgoing which made my experience wonderful. I did not even flinch!

I have since gotten two more tattoos from this tattooing genious and have referred many of my friends and family to him. If you are ever in Vegas, you have to see Injun Joe. He is the only person who I would ever trust to tattoo me.


I have to agree that Injun Joe at Sin City Tattoo is absolutely awesome. I got a celtic knot on the top of my foot and I'm not going to lie, it hurt, but not nearly as bad as when my friend got hers done at a different shop. I was very pleased and as soon as I want another tattoo I'm going to Injun Joe!!!


I live in Las Vegas and have been to many Tattooist here and got a lot of bad tats. Until one magical day I had the honor of meeting a very talented artist everyone knows as Magic. This guy with a gentile hand literally has redone every single one of my tats. I am not embarrassed to show off my tats as I previously was. Thank You Magic, with your talent you have given me a beautiful back and chest piece. And if anyone can do a cover-up it is Magic. You don't have to go with a black tribal. I personally saw a really jacked up tat that had no hope of turning into a georgous peacock full of vibrant colors but Magic did it. Magic is at SIN CITY on Charlston by Maryland parkway. (702)321-8320

-Bob Hoban

I got 2 tattoos from Injun Joe at Sin City, and he has done 2 for my dad as well. Before I ever got a tattoo, i was very nervous, and most tattoo artists were snippy and werent very willing to sit down and explain the process and risks, etc. They only wanted money so that they could hurry up and ink you, then shove you out the door. By the time i walked into Sin City, I was almost to the point of not getting one at all, until Joe sat me down, showed me how the needle worked, and explained how to take care of it. he made my dad and I feel at home and was very gentle. For my second tat, I had him design a dolphin swimming through a music note. It turned out great, and its cool knowing that i have a piece of original artwork. Joe is so talented and creative that ive recomended him to many other friends. I cant wait to go back and get another one!


Injun Joe kicks total ass. My buddy and I definantly recommend him to get ur first or however many you have done by him. I'll be goin back in a couple weeks when my bro gets out of boot camp so we can get tats again!!!!


If anybody is going to Vegas and wants to get a tattoo I would recomend that you go to sin city tattoos and check out the amazeing work by kieron, I had been to lots of other shops before sin city and seen some good work ,but then i checked out kierons work, I was blown away. he does such a wide range of work from fantastic potrait work to sick celtic, I had him do some free hand black and grey demons and skulls on my calf couldn't be happier, check this guy out, sin city tattoos 911 e charleston. also he's a really cool guy - no attitude.


Two years ago I got my very first tattoo. I had been saving for months and was really excited. I went to one shop and the artists were rude and not helpful at all. Then I went to Sin City. Injun Joe came over and started talking to my mom, my friend, and I. He made me feel really comfortable and suggested making the tattoo slightly smaller to fit my shoulder better. I was really nervous but he joked with me the whole time. He let me take quick breathers if I needed them. My tattoo turned out absolutely awesome! I've recommended him to everyone I know. Now, I'm looking to get my second tattoo and there is no doubt in my mind of who I want to do it.


I have gone to this studio for both tattoos I have. Ingin Joe did the last one...and it was a cover up. He did a fantastic job, very professional and creative. The studio is off of the main hustle and bustle of the strip and is very clean and comfortable. I plan to return to the studio and get joe to complete the work.

-Cheri Lynn

I first saw Sin City Tattoo Co. on Google.com. Since I was in Las Vegas for a month long business trip, I thought it would be pretty cool for a friend and I to get our first tattoo's here. Even though Sin City Tattoo doesn't have a website, I was drawn to this establishment through its comments from other customers. Amy, our artist, got us settled in and made us feel very comfortable. I was speechless with the result of my tattoo. My friend and I are proud of our tattoos and even more proud to have had our first tattoos at Sin City Tattoo Co. Thank you Amy!


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