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Disease and Allergies

Diseases are a real risk when getting a tattoo or piercing. Find out how to identify problems and get answers to commonly asked questions about allergic reactions.

MRSA and Tattoos - What are the Risks?
When you go to get a tattoo (or piercing) are you at risk for the deadly superbug? Get the facts and know how to protect yourself.

Latex Allergies
Causes, symptoms, prevention and treatment of latex and rubber allergies. Alternatives to latex gloves and specific application to those in the body art industry.

What Is (And What Isn't) a Keloid
If you have a growth on or around a new piercing, it's very normal to be concerned. Small or large, growths are not "normal" although they do occur quite often. Most people automatically assume that their growth is a keloid, but the majority of these cases are not keloids. This article help you tell the difference and determine your next step of action.

Itchy, Raised (Swollen) Tattoos
If you're suffering from a swollen, puffy, bumpy and/or itchy tattoo, this might help you determine the cause and best course of treatment.

Hepatits Publications Online
What you need to know about Hepatitis A, B, and C: Introduction to causes, symptoms, and treatments available.

Modern American - How Safe Is Body Piercing?
"Can I get a disease from a piercing?" Questions and answers by Keith Alexander, professional piercer.

Modern American - Importance of Aftercare
Editorial article on the possibilities of getting a disease, but also stresses the importance of the client not neglecting proper aftercare procedures.

rec.arts.bodyart: Hepatitis Vaccination
FAQ: Should I get a shot against Hepatitis before getting a tattoo? Sound advice on taking precaution.

rec.arts.bodyart: Tattoos and HIV
Sanitation regulations and whether or not you can get an infectious disease or even HIV from a tattoo needle.

rec.arts.bodyart: Reactions to Tattoo Ink
Although mercury is no longer used in red inks, some people still have a reaction to them, other inks, or even the ointments used.

Tattoo Artist
Actually some GOOD news about tattoos and disease. To this day, there has never been a case of AIDS spread from getting a tattoo. Let's keep it that way!

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