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Braille Tattoos

Body Art for the Blind


Braille Tattoos

image CC__itgirl@Flickr

image CC__itgirl@Flickr
Braille tattoos are a unique way for the blind or visually impaired to enjoy body art. Even if your eyesight is impeccable, inking a code readable by hand can communicate your thoughts of devotion to a blind loved one or simply serve as a sensual and tactile alternative to a traditional tattoo.

The Language of Braille

Imagine losing one of your five senses or being born without the ability to feel, see, smell, hear or taste. Despite being unable to enjoy the world around you as you'd hope, it's altered and challenging and quiet.

In the early 1800s a young man named Louis Braille was born and destined to change the world for the blind.

After a car accident at the young age of three left Louis himself blind, he triumphantly carried on with his life and education and created a system of raised dots that formed letters and then words.

Based on the military form of night writing, his designs were embossed onto paper and built a bridge for the blind while opening the doors of communication. Today Braille is written in many different languages all over the world.

Braille Body Implants for the Blind

To open body art for those with vision loss, German art student Klara Jirkova designed the concept to insert small surgical beads or inked tablets under the skin, creating raised dots portraying Braille.

Implants are an invasive procedure and may eventually require removal or replacement. While the concept of implants for Braille tattooing is unique, there are other methods that can be used for vision loss such as scarification, which is an ancient body branding practice celebrated in many cultures.

For safety and health concerns this sort of modification needs to be performed by an expert or medical professional. You'll have to be diligent and patient in finding the right person to perform the task.

Braille Language Inked Tattoos

For mere visual reasons, braille tattoos can be artfully inked onto your skin rather than made dimensional with the insertion of implants. While the lack of dimension will not make the tattoo readable in a true sense for the blind, the pattern of Braille dots can make a striking and symbolic tattoo in itself if you are closely related to someone with vision loss or are involved in a foundation or organization for the blind.

Design Ideas

Designing a Braille tattoo is unique. Most people opt for their name to help distinguish themselves in the world. Upon meeting strangers, an implanted Braille tattoo located on your wrist or hand can serve as a wordless introduction when felt.

You may decide your Braille tattoo should have inspirational meaning and opt for a Hellen Keller quote. Get creative and flirty or heartfelt and inspiring. A seductively placed "Touch Me" Braille tattoo could scream quite a statement, whereas a simple "I Love You" across the chest is a comforting and tactile reminder for those who can't see you but would love to feel your devotion.

Consider adding small astrological signs and symbols to your body to further brand and identify your unique individuality.

Tattoos are a mark of freedom and self-expression. Being blind or visually disabled doesn't have to rob you of this right. You can reclaim your identity and define your own self with the help of body art or implant modifications in a language you can read, and words that you can feel.

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