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Tattoo Artist Bio - Traci Hancock - Boomtown Tattoo


Tattoo Artist Bio - Traci Hancock - Boomtown Tattoo

Personal Info:

Birthday: January 5, 1973
Marital Status: Married
Children: 3
Pets: Lots o' pets - but they all belong to the kids. Do you count kids as pets? just kidding!
Favorite Movie: Lots of movie favs - right now I'd say V for Vendetta
Favorite Band(s)/Singer(s): Changes daily - all time fav Sublime and Tool
If you were granted one wish, what would it be? Only one wish? I'd wish for more wishes!

Year You Started Tattooing Professionally:


How You Became Interested in Becoming a Tattoo Artist:

I always had an artistic talent and I was kind of a punk when I was kid. Tattoos were just another thing to get my folks riled up. Becoming a tattoo artist was a fleeting thought at 16, I didn’t consider it again until my husband urged me to go in that direction. I was really unhappy working a desk job even though I was doing graphic design.

Favorite Style/Genre of Tattooing:

My favorite subjects are derived from nature or religion. My favorite style would be painterly.

Tattoo Artists Who Have Inspired You Most:

That list would be endless. My inspiration comes every time I meet another artist or an image catches my eye in a magazine or book. I would say that Vyvyn Lazonga and Michele Wortman would be very high on that list.

Secular Artists Who Have Inspired You Most:

I’m most inspired by local artists, wherever my locale may be at the time. I’ve always loved Escher, Dali, O’Keefe and Kahlo.

Other Interests and/or Hobbies:

I’m always interested in trying out new art materials and mediums. I love hiking and camping, photography, and spending time with my family and friends.

Where You Work and How to Contact You:

Boomtown Tattoo
233 Porter Ave
Martinsburg, WV
Phone: (304)579-4775.
Email: dragonlilytattoo@gmail.com

Where to View Your About.com Tattoo Photo Gallery:

Personal Thoughts from Traci:

I do my best to keep things simple and open. My role as a tattoo artist is to bring the patron’s concept to fruition. I wouldn’t be a tattoo artist if not for tattoo clients.

It’s an equal exchange of input between artist and patron to create a successful tattoo, not a matter of size or money. It’s best for everyone to set egos aside before walking in the door and remember that you get what you give.

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