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Piercing Apprenticeships, How Much Does it Cost?


Question: Piercing Apprenticeships, How Much Does it Cost?
A user submitted question about piercing apprenticeships. "Is starting at $2000 a good estimate for an apprenticeship?"
Answer: The bad news is that there is no "standard" for apprenticeship fees. The good news is that $2000 is a very reasonable price. But I would be concerned about the words "starts at" - the fee should be set. I can't imagine what they could "throw in" to increase the price of the apprenticeship. It is what it is.

The other things you will want to consider is whether this person offering you the apprenticeship is a true professional themselves. How much experience do they have? Do you get the feeling that they want to train you for the purpose of continuing the art form, or are they just out to make money? Do you feel a good rapport with this person? Do you trust them? Do they have a contract for you to sign for your apprenticeship (they should), and is it fair for both parties involved?

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