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Care and Risks

With almost all forms of body art, although they are considered generally safe, comes a share of risk. Especially when precautions are not taken to ensure your safety, there is always a chance that problems may arise. Here is what you need to know to keep yourself safe and prevent serious complications.
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Invasive Body Art and Hepatitis C
The risks of Hepatitis C in regards to invasive body art procedures, such as tattoos and piercings, are greater than you would think. Find out how to protect yourself and your clients.

Do Animals Belong in the Tattoo Shop?
Are pets in the tattoo shop just a nice way to welcome guests or a source of germs that pose a risk to clients?

Online Universal/Standard Precautions Course for Artists and Clients
Do you know what is involved in following Universal or Standard Precautions? You should, seeing as how they could save your life, whether you are a tattoo artist, piercing artist, or a client of either.

Smoking in the Studio
Should smoking be allowed in tattoo shops? Some say no, because it's not sterile. Some say yes, as long as it's kept in a designated area away from tattooing and piercing stations. Should people be expected to step outside to light up, or are smoking areas inside the shop acceptable?

Does Your Body Art Studio Conduct Regular Spore Strip Tests?
This guest article, written by Tymn Combest, a microbiologist from Enviro-Tech Laboratories, describes the process of spore strip testing and why it is important in the body art industry. You, as a client, need to know whether your studio is doing regular spore testing, and this is how you can find out.

Do Disposable (One Time Use) Needles and Tubes Make a Tattoo or Piercing Safe?
Some would claim that as long as your tattooer or piercer is using disposable or one-time-use needles and tubes that you will not be at risk for infection or disease. Is this true?

Is it Safe for a Diabetic to Get a Tattoo?
Is it okay for a person with diabetes to get a tattoo? There isn't really a simple yes or no answer, because there are a lot of variables that have to be considered. This article explains those variables to help both diabetics and tattoo artists determine if getting a tattoo is a safe option.

Will This Take Forever?
How long will your new tattoo take to heal, and what sort of aftercare products are you using? This guide will help explain the tattoo healing process and advise you can achieve a beautiful tattoo with individual effort and attention.

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