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Foot Tattoos


Question: Foot Tattoos
Why Do Some Tattoo Artists Refuse Foot Tattoos?
Answer: Because reputation is detrimental to most tattoo artists, there are many who refuse to tattoo the foot since it can be very difficult to heal foot tattoos properly. Daily friction can cause migrating ink and a faded tattoo, which will not show off the best work of the artist.

While foot tattoos continue to grow in popularity, there are several things to consider before you opt to tattoo this area.

First and foremost you'll need to find an artist that will tattoo your foot.

Next, you'll need to determine a design. The flattest portion on the top of the foot as opposed to the sides of the foot is best for tattooing. Side of the foot tattoos will be even harder to heal due to location so try to stick with the top of your foot and pick a fitting design for placement.

Popular foot tattoo designs include flowers, butterflies, feathers and cherry blossom branches.

Script and verse tattoos also adorn the foot well and make for a flattering design choice.

Other Considerations

Healing is the largest concern with foot tattoos. A typical tattoo can take anywhere from two to three weeks to heal. A foot tattoo can not come into daily contact with socks and shoes, which basically means you'll have to be barefoot for a long period of time. Flip flops and sandals will be the footwear of choice, which means foot tattoos are obviously the best choice in the summer.

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