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Tattoo Pain - What hurts more?


Question: Tattoo Pain - What hurts more?
When it comes to tattoo pain, what hurts more, outlines or shading?
Answer: Although it is still all a matter of personal opinion, most people seem to feel that outlining is more painful. I think a couple of reasons for this is (1) the outlining is one of the first things your body feels, so it’s understandably a shock to your system and (2) some of the lines can be very long and have to be done all in one long continuous flow.

As far as the shading pain level goes, it's difficult to say. I've had some shading done that hurt a lot less and I've had some done that hurt more. The ones that hurt more, though, happened when I was pushing MY body too far and was already in pain from a long tattooing session (8 hours). When you get shading done, it's done with a group of needles usually in 2 straight lines that run parallel but "alternating" meaning that the bottom row of needles are spaced between the top row of needles, if that makes any sense. Anyway, this is very similar to the guy who can lie down on a bed of nails. If he tried to lay down on just a few nails or several nails in a round shape, it would impale him. However, when the needles are evenly dispersed over the entire surface of his body, they don't hurt him. I think a mag (shader) works very similar. Because of more even displacement of skin, many find it to hurt less than the outline. But then again, this has a lot to do with the level of skill of the artist.

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