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How Long Do I Have to Wait To Go Swimming After Getting a Tattoo?


Question: How Long Do I Have to Wait To Go Swimming After Getting a Tattoo?
Answer: Tattoos should be allowed to heal for a minimum of 2 weeks - until all flaking and peeling is finished and all scabs have fallen off. Even then, you're taking a risk getting in a chemically treated pool or bacteria-infested pond or lake, especially if you stay for an extended period of time. A tattoo is not considered fully healed until a new layer of protective skin has grown over it - this process usually takes about 3 months. Until then, your tattoo is most vulnerable to all elements - bacteria, sun, chemicals, pollution, etc. This is why getting a tattoo during the summer is not recommended, especially for swimmers and beach bunnies! If you've already got the tattoo, all I can really recommend now is stay out of the pool for at least 2 weeks and then keep your swimming to a minimum if you absolutely must go, and make sure you clean your tattoo thorougly after getting out of the water. If you can hold out for the full 3 month perdiod, you'll be doing your new tattoo a great service and I guarantee that it will have been worth the sacrifice.
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