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Designs and Ideas

From Old School to Japanese, tattoos and designs have a world of meaning.
  1. Zodiac and Astrology Tattoos (8)

Foo Dog Lion Tattoos

5 Wrist Tattoo Designs
Wrist tattoos are popular for good reason, they add a major dose of personality yet can mostly be covered up, offering the sometimes best of both worlds. Ideas for wrist tattoos include crosses, compasses and affirmations. Take a look at 5 cool wrist tattoo designs.

Cameo Tattoo Designs
Cameo Tattoos

Flower Tattoos
Flower Tattoos

Military Tattoo Ideas
Honor and celebrate the brave with a military design.

Get Inspired by Dave Navarro's Eclectic Tattoos
A private peek at some of Dave Navarro's tattooed inspirations.

Top 10 Old School Tattoos
Top 10 Old School Tattoos

Types of Dragon Tattoo Designs for Girls
Dragon Tattoo Designs for Girls

Top 5 Tribal Design Tattoos
Discover the top 5 tribal style tattoos and rituals throughout the world.

The Meanings of Tattoo Symbols and Designs (Part 2)
The meanings of symbols and etchings found in cemeteries and on tombstones or gravestones, plus astrological zodiac signs and the meanings behind different flowers.

How should I choose my first tattoo?
Tattoo FAQ - First tattoo: How to does a person pick their first or next tattoo? How do you design a tattoo? Really think about what you get so that you are sure it is something you will still be happy to look at 10, 20 and even 50 years from now.

Cherry Blossom Tattoos
Cherry Blossom Tattoos

Pin-Up Girl Tattoos
Pin-Up Girl Tattoos

Feather Tattoos
Feather Tattoos

Memorial Mom Tattoos
Honor Mom with a traditional tattoo design.

Jewelry Inspired Tattoos
Adorn your body with jewelry tattoos for all eternity.

5 Hot Tattoo Designs for Men
Sure you're hot, but you'll look even hotter with one of these tattoo designs.

The Roots of Tree Tattoos
There are 3 styles of tree tattoos that are timeless and can connect anyone to the earth, their spirit and family through depiction of their branches. Consider a tree of life tattoo, a celtic design or a cherry blossom branch for tree tattoo inspiration.

5 Strange and Bad Tattoos
These 5 strange and bad tattoos prove that somebody out there is crazy enough to not only pick a bad design, but to tattoo it as well. Avoid inked regret and costly tattoo removal by thinking twice before getting a bad tattoo.

Art Nouveau Tattoos
Art nouveau tattoo designs capture the beauty of a bygone era. From the romance of Paris streets to the vintage appeal of pin-ups, art nouveau tattoo designs are filled with vines, flowers and lots of ornate curves perfect for the body's canvas.

Tattoo Art Styles
Discover a few different types of tattoo art styles before getting inked. With some self-exploration you can decide between an old school tattoo, Asian, biomechanical or fine line black and grey portrait tattoo.

Anchor tattoos
Throw out your anchor and settle down on a tattoo design that's worthy of a permanent mark. Not just for sailors or those who appreciate pin-up girl or old school tattoos, anchors signify stability. Ahoy!

Snake Tattoos
Wrap yourself in the history and lure of snake tattoos. Are they sinful or a symbol of life and death? Serpents and dragon tattoos have many ancient meanings.

Burlesque starlet and pin-up girl Dita Von Teese teases and spills her...
Burlesque starlet and pin-up girl Dita Von Teese teases and spills her thoughts about taboos, freaks and sexy tattoos for men.

Butterfly Tattoos
Butterfly and dragonfly tattoos are a popular girls choice but they aren't exclusive to women. Insect and winged tattoos have personal meanings and lore that make them a fitting choice for anyone looking for an evolving depiction in their body art.

Go ahead and cast a spell with one of these top 5 wish and luck tattoo...
Go ahead and cast a spell with one of these top 5 wish and luck tattoo designs. Let nothing be too great if your heart so desires. From dandelion tattoos to horseshoes, close your eyes to a dreamy tattoo design or ink something steadfast and masculine like an Irish crest.

Butterfly Tattoos
Black and grey fine line single-needle tattooing began in a small Chicano tattoo shop in East LA back in the 1970s. At the time, tattoing was illegal and this sort of art was only found on prison mates.

Top 5 Animal Tattoo Designs
Animal tattoo designs bring out the natural side of body art. Whether you choose a snake, a dog or a koi fish tattoo, these top 5 animal tattoo designs are an artistic call to the wild.

Top 5 Insect Tattoos
Insect tattoos

Braille Tattoos
Braille Tattoos

Salvador Dali

Steampunk Tattoo Designs
From Salvador Dali inspired melting watches to machine parts gone askew, these 5 steampunk tattoo designs are right on your style track.

5 Fairy Tale and Fable Tattoos
Once upon a time a fairy tale or fable has touched your heart. Whether it be a tattoo or the Cheshire cat from , ink your love of storybook lure and capture the plot as your body art thickens.

Top 5 Bohemian Inspired Tattoos
Keep your wandering spirit in check with a bohemian inspired tattoo design. From an old school gypsy girl to a feather tattoo, these free-spirited ideas prove that your inner-hippie shines even brighter with some ink.

Name Tattoos
Whether it be a black and grey script tattoo or an old school heart with Mom's name tattooed in the middle, show your eternal love with some ink.

Top 5 Edgy Tattoo Ideas

5 Woodland Tattoos to Celebrate Fall

Boot Stomping Cool Designs
From Deep in the South to the desert plains, the following top 5 western style tattoo ideas are boot-stomping

Top 5 Tattoo Fails
Tattoo removal will likely stay an in demand service thanks to the following top 5 tattoo fails.

Tattoo Styles and Ideas
From American Traditional to Bio-Mechanical and New School tattoos, there are plenty of tattoo art styles from which to inspire.

Star Tattoos
If you're fond of the night sky, tattooing stars is just one way you can celebrate your celestial spirit. From zodiac and astrological sign patterns, reach for the stars with these tattoo ideas.

Tips for Word and Phrase Tattoos
The following tips and advice will help you tattoo a popular sentiment without a lifetime of regret.

Ideas and Meanings
Celebrate a higher spirit with an angel or cherub tattoo design.

5 Hottest Tattooed Male Celebrities
These tattooed celebrities rock the field and the carpet with their hot tattoos.

Symbolism of Mermaid Tattoos
Learn the top five history and legends of mermaids before you ink a mermaid tattoo.

Best Season to Show Off Your New Tattoo
Tattoos can really amp up your personal style, but only when you can see them. When is the best time of year to flaunt your new tattoo?

Russian Doll Matryoshka Tattoo
Add some folklore and spirit to your body art with a Russian Matryoshka nesting doll tattoo.

5 Sweet and Girly Tattoo Ideas
These girly and dainty tattoo ideas are feminine and sweet. Perfect for your girly side, you'll want one of each.

Top 5 Love Theme Tattoos
Do you wear your heart on your sleeve or should you opt for a name tattoo? Show your true love your devotion with one of the following top 5 love theme tattoo ideas.

Lower Back Tattoos
Go ahead and say it. Tramp stamp.

Feather Quote Phrase Tattoo Ideas
The following quote ideas and inspirations will add more meaning to your feather tattoo.

What do Marilyn Monroe, Angelina Jolie and Rihanna have in common? A lot more than you'd think, they have copied ink! Take a look at the most replicated celebrity female tattoos.

Top Pinterest Tattoo Boards
Pinterest is an excellent place to find inspiration, including for body art, tattoos and piercings. Take a look at the following list of the best tattoo boards on Pinterest.

Top 10 Cool Phrase and Quote Tattoos
From prision tattoos to name tattoos, the following list of top 10 phrases are cool enough to ink eternally.

Tattoo Sleeves
Tattoo sleeves are a popular design idea for both men and women. Learn all about arm tattoos and decide if a full sleeve is right for you.

no title
You can pay ode to the world with an Earth Day inspired tattoo. Whether you want to show some love for your planet with a peace dove tattoo or ink for environmental causes or awareness, the following design ideas can all pay respect to the universe. From a happy and spirited circle of sunflowers to a feather tattoo, all of these tattoo...

Spiritual Tattoos

Hand Tattoo Tips

Hairstylist Tattoo Ideas
Whether you are a girl or a guy hairdresser, the following hairstylist tattoo ideas will reveal your love for your craft in an artistic way.

Let your Art Reflect Your Mood
Feel depressed? Need a friend? The following tattoos will see you through your ups and downs because they are permanent. Escape that happy place and show the world your dark side. It's all a matter of perspective.

Pagan and Wiccan Tattoos
Body art has been worn for centuries as a way to express significance of loved ones and personal beliefs. Many Pagans and Wiccans decide to wear their spirituality with pride in a pagan or wiccan inspired tattoo design The following ideas

How Do I Choose a Meaningful Tattoo?
A tattoo has plenty of personal significance. How do you plan a meaningful tattoo? Follow these tattoo design ideas and tips.

Where Should I Get My First Tattoo?
If you are planning your first tattoo, you may be wondering where to put it. Here's a brief overview that will help with tattoo placement.

Where Should I Get My First Tattoo?
If you are planning your first tattoo, you may be wondering where to put it. Here's a brief overview that will help with tattoo placement.

Small Tattoos with Meaning
From hearts and crowns to small zodiac designs, there are plenty of small symbol tattoos with meaning.

How Do I Choose a Meaningful Tattoo?
A tattoo has plenty of personal significance. How do you plan a meaningful tattoo? Follow these tattoo design ideas and tips.

Diabetes Tattoos
Medical tattoos such as a diabetes tattoo help

Small Tattoos with Meaning
From hearts and crowns to small zodiac designs, there are plenty of small symbol tattoos with meaning.

How to Decide Tattoo Placement
Whether you're deciding on your first or your fifth tattoo, you may be considering your design placement.

Ring Finger Tattoos
Wedding ring finger tattoos are a popular and permanent token of love

Om Tattoo
Express your spirituality and sense of calm with an om tattoo.

Love Tattoos for a Strong Relationship

Lauren's Tattoo Story
Discover Lauren's unique tattoo designs and get inspired for your own.

Tiny, Tiny Tattoo Design Ideas
Call them pretentious, the following fashion forward tattoo ideas are tiny, tiny and sorta edgy. So take that.

My Tattoo Story- Lori T.

Get inspired for your next design with a cool symbol for a tattoo.

How Can a Tattoo Define My Personal Style?
Are you wondering how to define your personal style with body art? Before you go permanent, make sure you consider the big picture.

Where Should I Place My First Tattoo if I am Big?
Are you wondering where to place your tattoo in relation to your body size? Find out!

Tramp Stamp Do's and Don't
Should you opt for a lower back tattoo despite their negative connotation?

Where Should I Place My First Tattoo if I am Big?
Are you wondering where to place your tattoo in relation to your body size? Find out!

Libra Zodiac Tattoos Ideas
Is your birth sign the Libra? Learn all about your unique traits and put them in balance with a Libra inspired tattoo design.

Bible Verse Tattoos

What Style of Tattoos Do Men Like On Women?
Don't ever get tattooed to attract a man, but if you still plan on it...read these tips on tattoos styles that turn the majority of men on.

Top Five Reasons Not to Get a Tattoo

Tattoos with Ashes

Halloween Tattoo Idaes

Celebrating Day of the Dead Tattoos

Do You Plan Your Tattoos?

Symbolic Second Chances Tattoos

Gratitude Tattoo Designs
Remember that kindness always matters and pay it forward when you can. Tattoos represent who we are, where we have been and where we want to go. Make your path bright, and shine that light on others as you go.

Neck Tattoos
Are you on the other side of the fence, wondering why someone would even opt for a neck tattoo placement? Sure tattoos are permanent and even more so when placed in such a visible area, but that doesn't mean they are a mistake in the making. Neck tattoos look cool, tough, and can help draw attention to some of your more attractive features.

Tattoo Ideas to Honor Babies and Children
Let's face it, Mom's not the only one who deserves an honorary tattoo. (Don't forget Dad!) Unlike lover tattoo designs, tattoos that pay regard to your children are absolutely timeless and sentimental. How can you capture your baby in the most thoughtful way through body art? While the answer is truly personal, the following inspirations are popular among parents.

Elephant Tattoos

Mythical Creature Tattoos

Wheel of Life Tattoo Designs
Depicting the realm of life that we are born into and all the desires, evil and suffering we may endure until meeting the grave, the Wheel of Life is a Buddhist symbol that illustrates the many facets of "karmic law". Often confused with the Dharma Wheel which is instead Buddha's teachings, the Wheel of Life is a meditative and universal reflection of the human soul.

Que Significa Tu Tattoo?

Top 10 Tattoo Articles 2013
This past year we've seen many tattooing and body piercing trends and styles. It has always been my job and my goal to bring you not only body modification basics, but coverage on designs and ideas, along with interpretation of their significant meanings. Because I love to research and always seek the beauty and hidden meaning in things, I want to inspire you to find a tattoo that will suit you for a lifetime. Here is a list of my most popular articles in 2013 published on About.com based on your reader interest.

Peter Pan Tattoos
"You know that place between sleep and awake, the place where you can still remember dreaming? That's where I will always love you. That's where I will be waiting."- Peter Pan Whether it be an ode to your son, memories of your youth, or to profess love for a fictional boy named Peter Pan (who never grew up), this beloved quote can make the heart flutter faster than you can say "Tink!"

Masquerade Mask Tattoo

French Women Don't Get Tats
French women are known the world over for their effortless beauty and style, and the truth is most French women don't get tats. Who doesn't ponder Paris woman mystique? They don't get fat. They eat pastries and chocolate and indulge in red wine, all while enjoying plenty of midday breaks. Let's talk about Le French lifestyle... French women read books, ditch cars for commuting and instead walk or ride bicycles. Ladies nix the heels and opt for comfortable, sensible and simplistic ballet flats from brands like Repetto.

Tattooing Over Scars
Designs with large "open spaces" such as Celtic or tribal tattoos are generally not advised. Instead find a design that allows your artist plenty of space for creative artwork over the highs and lows of your new skin structure. This is why it is especially important to find a skilled and experienced tattoo artist who has confidence in tattooing over scars.

Clock Tattoo Designs

Color or Black and Grey

Should I Tattoo My Stomach Before I Have Children?
I really love lower stomach and hip tattoos. I am young and in my mid-twenties, unmarried and without children. I have a very petite figure and work out regularly to maintain my shape, I am blessed with a terrific figure. I would love to tattoo something sensual in this spot to enhance my shape while I am still young and sexy. My friends and family have convinced me this is a bad idea based on future potential weight gain, since I still do not have kids but one day may plan on it. Is everyone right? Is this a bad idea?- Signed, Hot, Single and Maybe Senseless

The Return to Innocence- Girly Tattoos

Breast Tattoos
Are you considering a breast tattoo? Certainly one of the most feminine spots on the female form, you've likely already weighed any benefits or cons in tattooing your breast. Should you need a little lift in the right direction, these basic design ideas are perfect for the girls!

St. Patrick's Day Irish Tattoo Ideas
Your Irish eyes are sure to smile at the following St. Patrick's Day tattoo ideas. Whether your want to carry your luck for eternity in a piece of enchanting body art or just wish to pay respect to your heritage with a small and symbolic tattoo, the following unique tattoos prove that if you're lucky enough to be Irish, you are lucky enough.

Reader Question: Can a Feather Tattoo Signify Love?
Hello, I don't know all the meanings of a feather tattoo. I know they are currently a popular tattoo design, and I guess they mean freedom, and signify a free spirit. I am wondering if I can use the feather as a design to convey my love for my partner? Should I pair it with a verse or a dove or a lovebird? Signed, My Feathers and Ruffled and Confused

Reader Question: Why Girls Like to Be Naked at Tattoo Appointments

Building a Relationship with Your Tattoo Artist
Relationships take time to build, especially if you're seeking a long-term friendship or business partnership . For tattoo collectors and enthusiasts, having a more established relationship with a tattoo artist means they may be better able to design art that is meaningful and suited towards your personal taste and style.

5 Tattoos You May Regret

Viking Tattoos
Often used on the path of self-knowledge and wisdom, Rune-Magick or Nordic symbols can make a soulful design if you're seeking a small and symbolic Viking tattoo which symbolizes the heathen Germanic religion. The Runes are a magickal system widely used across Northern Europe and within Norse mythology. There are a total of twenty-four runes that compose the medieval Elder Futhark alphabet, each with several different meanings used in both divination and magickal spells. The following Rune symbols can be further researched for their associate

Taurus Tattoo Ideas

Three Ways to Update an Old Tattoo

Morbid Tattoos
"Now if you could just chop her head off... that would be great." Just like a train wreck, horror and morbid theme tattoos can be quite fascinating to look at. From the gore, violence, death and decay, there's a little something for everyone. Except for the squemish. Are you the type who likes morbid tattoos, and should we check your freezer just in case? Here's a look inside the mind of a serial morbid tattoo collector. The Who. The What. The Why. And the...where is he?

Reader Question: Is it Wrong to Love Traditional Flash Tattoos?
Hi, I'm working on my body art project. I already have an anchor and a traditional black bear tattoo. I'd like to add more pieces to my canvas, but all of my friends are out there getting white ink, Infinity designs, feathers, PhotoRealism tattoos of goddesses, and I just like Old School flash. I guess I wonder if it's still in style. I don't want any lectures about how it's my body and I can do what I want. I want to know what actual tattoo trends are, and if you see this style coming back into fashion? Thanks, The Girl Who Loves Old Things

Best Spots for a First Tattoo
There are a few best spots for a first tattoo that can help you appreciate your art at its finest. While designs play an important factor in tattoo placement, nothing should be more important that the overall effect your tattoo has on your body. Use your body art to your advantage and place your tattoo in spot you'll always cherish. Tattoos are said to be addictive, but if you're mindful where you place it you could likely stop at one.

Lord of the Rings Tattoos

Most Tattooed Cities in the Nation
Have you ever wondered what the most popular tattooed cities in the nation were? If not that's OK. I'm going to tell you anyway. With summer right around the corner, the industry will once again be hopping with enthusiastic collectors ready to take a break from a long year and enjoy the joy of Summertime.This also means tattoo studios will be filled with tourism tattoo requests. For some destinations, these tattoos may be mountain or ocean scenes, they could be wildlife inspired and include trees or bears. They may even be seashells washed up on the seashore. Whether you plan on vacationing at these spots,or happen to call the Strip your own, if you're tattooed and, you'll feel right at home.

Aquarius Tattoo Design Ideas

Astrology Tattoos
The best part about astrology tattoos is that you're least likely to regret them. Rather than a name tattoo to symbolize lovers, or a quote or a verse tattoo you may grow tired of, an astrology tattoo will have lifelong sentiment without being obvious what or who it even symbolizes. Should a bad breakup with your lover occur, there's a one out of twelve chance you'll meet another with her sign.If you have children, tattooing their astrology signs on your body means you'll carry a little part of their existence on your body forever, no matter where they are in this universe.

Soccer Mom Tattoos

Bird Tattoo Trend
Currently one of the most popular tattoo trends for girls inspired by many celebrities is a small flock of birds tattoo. Often placed on the shoulder blades, chest or on an intimate curve of the back, the designs are dainty and also send the message of freedom and flight. Are you considering a bird tattoo? Let's take a look at the bird tattoo trend, and decide whether or not you're ready to make these feathered designs permanent. Tattoo trends change year after year. Whether influenced by fashion, culture, or even from famous actresses, actors and musicians, one thing is certain- trends also come to an end. Look back in the 1990s when tribal tattoos were inked on nearly every bicep. Today tribal tattooing is much more respected when it's done by an actual tribal member- often using ancient methods such as hand-poking.

Butt Tattoos
Hi, Dear Bottoms Up, This is such a curious question. But rest assured you're in good company with a butt tattoo.In fact, some say butt tattoos are quickly becoming a stylish new tattoo trend. Many people remember Cher donning her sexy fishnets onstage with nothing more than a high cut bodysuit, revealing her two cheek, flower butt tattoos. How can Cher be wrong?

Music Theme Tattoos
A music tattoo design is the perfect choice for anyone that is musically inclined or who has a passion for music, voice and playing. Let the following music tattoo suggestions play on in your mind until you find one that harmonizes with your body art.

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