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Earth Day Tattoos

Get Inspired by Nature


You can pay ode to the world with an Earth Day inspired tattoo. Whether you want to show some love for your planet or ink for environmental causes or awareness, the following design ideas can all pay respect to the universe. From a happy and spirited circle of sunflowers to a feather tattoo, all of these tattoo inspirations honor Mother Earth.

1. Planets

Planet and space scenes are a really neat choice for Earth Day tattoos. Not only can these designs be colorful, they can be cosmic as well. Imagine a back piece with a night sky complete with star tattoos. You can even incorporate astrological birth signs and constellations. Or opt for a traditional earth tattoo and add a phrase such as 'Save Our Planet.'

2. Flowers

Another Earth Day tattoo option is flowers. You can certainly opt for any sort of flower and pay tribute to Mother Nature's beautiful bounty, or you pick something a little more spirited. Common wildflowers include daisies, Bachelor's buttons, yarrow, Queen Anne's lace and happy sunflowers. Imagine a wildflower scene or a circlet of blooms around the quote from Henry David Thoreau, "All good things are wild and free."

3. Birds

From a pair of peace doves to a scene of birds in flight, an avian tattoo is another natural choice for a nature inspired tattoo. Wing and feather designs can take so many different forms. You can opt for a single red cardinal or a bird fleeing its' cage. Popular phrases may include 'Hope' or 'Believe.' Awesome birds include owls , Old School sparrows, Blackbirds and peace doves, in which case you should add an olive branch from the olive tree to represent a universal peace offering. Mourning Doves mate for life, making this avian pick a unique love and couple's tattoo idea as well.

4. Peace and Love

Peace symbol and heart tattoos can be appropriate Earth Day inspired designs. You can shape the earth into a heart, add a pair of wings and tattoo the word 'Mother', or create a peace symbol with a global vibe using blue and green ink. Map tattoos are another unique choice that take on a large presence. Consider a back piece and create a map of the world and add the phrase 'Love the Earth' or a quote such as "Not all those who wander are lost" from J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring.

5. Insects

Insects are the most diverse organisms on the planet. With over 900 thousand known species, insects are credited for aerating our soils, controlling pest population and pollinating the flowers that produce such beautiful blooms. From busy bees making honey to spiders spinning silk, even the caterpillar adds beauty to the world as it transitions to a butterfly. Researchers are just now using spider silks in addition to caterpillar silk to produce protein and eco-based materials for use in cosmetic, medical and textile applications. What a lovely way to honor earth and a sustainable future. For my Top 5 Insect Tattoo ideas and suggestions, read more here.

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